Thursday, October 30, 2008

Butterbean Turn's 5

YES. FIVE. I'm going to die. I'm a 1000 years old. My niece is turning FIVE. SOB.

On Saturday, my fabulous sister, being the fabulous mom that she is threw a cowgirl party for my little niece. Complete with a petting zoo and ponies. YES. PONIES. She wins the mom award.

I thought Gracie was going to DIE of pure joy. She loves animals, she loves cowgirls and now that she is in school loves all her little friends. Throw in some candy, cake and presents and boy howdy she is happy for a month.

Each kid got a cowboy hat and their face painted. And the little favors were all wrapped up in hanky's. So cute! All the kids just about lost their mind when the animals showed up. And the pig was hilarious. Squeeled like it was being led to the slaughter. All in all a really fun day.

Happy Birthday Butterbean. Tia loves you so much and can't believe you are already 5.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sexless & The City: Week Two

One more more week down only about 5 more to go! Actually this was a really good week. I took a little bit easier this week and didn't try to do every little thing every single day and it made for a much more relaxing week. I even actually hung out in my apartment! GASP!

Tried all new restaurants again though. Keeping up with that! There was Lee's Deli (for those who can't choose just one thing to eat!), Bayside Market (look at all that hidden there under your skirt!), Lightening Foods (Move 'em in, move 'em out!), Palomino ($5 pizza and $4 mojito's?! Um, YEA!), Henry's Hunan (I heart Henry), Osha Thai (all in all, my first Thai experience, AWESOME!), Delica rf-1 (I also heart Japanese food!), El Sotano (next.), and The Toaster Oven (a bit if NY right here in SF). Not huge winners like Home but Osha Thai was REALLY good. I would totally eat there again. Do you love how this adventure is all about the food?

In other news, I had a certification test this week. You have to pass these beasts with a 80% or higher or hello unemployment. Yea, they take their training relatively seriously. BLAH. Anywho, I walked away with a 94%. I rule.

This weekend with the Hubby was much better. Basically because I was bound and determined to NOT argue so I let him have his way on everything. Men. But we did have a good time. Hung out, saw a movie (Pride & Glory. Good stuff.) and slept. Man, did I sleep. I started getting sick last Sunday and by Monday morning it was a full blown cold. You know the kind that just drags you down and makes you move about .5 miles per hour. But that wasn't an option for me. So I just kept pushing and pushing. By the time I got home on Friday I was dead. Literally fell asleep before 9:30 on Friday night. And slept in the next morning. I think my body finally just gave out. But I'm happy to report that after a weekend of sleeping I'm feeling mucho better. Thanks for asking.

Got to hang out with my old coworker Brian this week. Had dinner with him and his wife. Whom I like very much. Julie and I haven't hung out much before but we had a great time making sure Brian was tormented as much as possible. I was a little worried about it because Brian and I were really good friends at work and I didn't want it to be some weird dynamic but it was great and I think I got a new pal out of it.

So there you have. Your weekly recap. I really hate not being able to blog during the week. I never realized what a stress relief it was for me. But only 5 more weeks to go! Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sexless & the City: Week One

So since I'm going to be having this little adventure in SF for the next two months I thought we would take this journey together. My little play on words is courtesy of my pal, TU. She's a funny gal. I won't be able to post as often as I would like while I'm there but I promise to always give a re-cap at the end of the week. Let's cover week one shall we?

The apartment they have set me up in FABULOUS. No really. Right there on the water. I can literally walk to one end of my apartment complex and be on the water's edge. Pretty cool stuff. And they even send someone in once a week to do my cleaning. SCORE.

Training is monotonous. I think we could cover all the stuff it took us a week to cover in about 3 days, maybe less. Thankfully our class is small so it doesn't make it too chaotic. I'm walking to work every morning in the brisk SF air. Love the smell of fish guts and trash early in the morning.

I have a mixed bag and mixed reviews about my fellow classmates. There is only one of girl and we get along fabulously. The other guy that came from our same office goes from driving me to the point of murder to being a buddy. I may kill him by the end of the two months. The other two guys are nice, for the most part. One is just a little bit more pouting and full of himself for my taste, whatever. What can I say? You were never promised to like all our co-workers when you join a company.

Now the food. Oh the food. I promised myself to try a new restaurant every single night. I mean come on, I'm in one of the best places in the world for FOOD. Sad, isn't it? That the most exciting thing to me about being in the big city is the food selection. So far I have had a Gordon Biersch (eh.), Figaro (yummy Italian), Paragon (good, but overrated) and my favorite of the bunch, Home (I want to move in there.). If you want to know what I thought of these places check out my Yelp posts.

The hardest part so far has obviously being away from Hubby. I think he missed me more than he thought he would too. We spent all weekend just being together and getting on each other's nerves. Aw, young love. My sleep pattern is all jacked up due to learning to sleep alone again. Which stinks. Because I love me my sleep. I did take one day to just go walk about the city and take some pictures. Which was awesome. There is so much to capture.

All in all I give the first week a C+. Not the best week I've ever had, but certainly not the worse. And just between you and me I am kind of looking forward to going back to my little apartment and having my OWN PLACE. If only I could fit Hubby in my suitcase.

You know you're cool when you can laugh at yourself.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Political Funnies

I like Sarah Palin. I think Katie Couric is kind of a ding bat. And rather than go on and on about Barack and what a bad choice he is, let's laugh. I love me some Tina Fey.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Single Life, Married Girl

The Bay from Erin's balcony.

I am living almost DIRECTLY UNDER the Bay Bridge.

So here I am in SF. I have a fabulous apartment about a block from the water and four blocks from Downtown. The weather is gorgeous and I can walk to some of the coolest restaurants in the area. I'm living the life my single self would have died for. Too bad I desperately miss my hubby. Throws a wrench in the whole thing.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sadness disguised

I've been completely out of sorts today. Dropping things, running into stuff, burnt the chocolate for my chocolate frosting, overcooked the shrimp for dinner and undercooked the rice. I've stumbled through the day not quite sure why I felt so undone. After we sat down to the eat dinner that I have so effortlessly destroyed I couldn't take it and wouldn't eat it and ran off for some comfort food of the Bell. On the way it hit me. Tomorrow is it. Tomorrow is the day. And I started to cry.

Tomorrow I leave my hubby behind. I sleep alone again. I'm not greeted by Georgia's ear-piercing bark when I come home. I don't get to fall asleep to the symphony of my husband's snoring. I have been apart from him for more than 2 days since we've been married. I'm having a very hard time wrapping around my mind around this. I don't WANT to do this. I don't want to be away from him. We were apart our entire engagement and it was gut-wrenching. And we weren't even living together then. So I can't imagine how this is going to be.

I am excited. This is just me doing what I do. Furthering my career, working on making my life (and now my family's life) better and easier. And how cool to be in SF for 2 months. I have always wanted to live in the heart of a large city and now I get to do it for FREE. Think of the culture, think of food! And I KNOW there are a lot of cupcake bakeries! So I'll go, and I'm sure I'll have some fun, eat some good food and have a great time with my new pal EF, but nights is what will kill me. Crawling into a cold bed without his warm booty to put my freezing feet on is going to be no fun.

I love you baby and I'm sure gonna miss you. But it's for the greater good so tomorrow I'll paste a smile on my face so you won't worry but just know, I'll be crying all the way there.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A day with my hubby

I accidently got Wednesday off. So I spent the day with the hubby before I run off to SF and leave him for two months. We spent such a wonderful day up in Apple Hill wine tasting and driving around. It was one of those perfectly beautiful days.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Natausha & Phillip

Natausha & Phillip got married this past weekend. It was a beautiful wedding. The bride GLOWED and the groom beamed. They were so happy. And I couldn't be happier for them. Congratulations you too! (although I will miss your wedding-crazed emails Tausha!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This picture goes with nothing in this post. Just wanted to show you the pretty sky I caught.

Whatcha think internet?

In other news, one of my camera's broke. Or at least I think it is broke. It won't let me download the pictures! And of course it is the pictures I need to get downloaded. GRRRR.

Started "official" training at the j-o-b today. And just like everything else it was chaos. Seriously hoping that things starting getting a little clearer around there. I did, however, score a day off with my hubby. Which is always a good thing. I'm looking foward to a day of hanging out and being together.

Got some other stuff and posts to write about some going-ons this weekend but I need to get the pictures off the camera first! Double GRRRRR. Say a prayer to the camera gods that my camera starts behaving.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


"Pressure pressing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for"
~Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie

I can be my own worst enemy. My overzealous, Type A, perfection-seeking, only-seeing-the-world-in-black-and-white brain can kick my own butt sometimes and break me right on down. No one causes more stress for me than me. And boy am I doing a number on myself lately. With all the changes in my life I feel it building and churning. I sense an emotional explosion coming if I don't find a way to get some release. And that's no good for nobody. So let's talk shall we?
I have not been myself lately. Oh, I'm faking it well (at least I think I am), but right under the surface is things are building. I'm trying to be a good wife, a good daughter, a good friend, a good sister, a good aunt, a good granddaughter, a good employee and a shining example. I'm MAYBE achieving two of those. FAIL. I'm still adjusting to moving back to Sac and while I am happy to be back here with friends and family I am mourning the lose of my previous life. I liked that life. I had a job I loved, good friends and a little space in the world carved out for me and hubby. Of course it is all rosy now but in truth we weren't making it. Every month was a struggle and financially this will be better for us. But it is hard to not long for the "good 'ol days" when you sit at a job that you absolutely dread even thinking about. I KNOW it's all a transition stage but it's not helping my frame of mind right now.
And I miss my space. My own little space. My kitchen and couch. The place where my hubby and I could just lay around and be lazy and not give it a second thought. Now we share someone else's home. And everyone has to adjust, everyone has to shift. But sometimes I wonder, what have the other's done to shift? Things have "improved" for Hubby. He has even LESS to do now than he did before. Of course he has given up his privacy as well. And what of my parents? They are very used to a routine. My dad eats the EXACT same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY for breakfast. They have had to shift too. And althought I know that everyone around me is making adjustments sometimes it feels like I'm alone in changes. It's hard to be all things to all people. When and where do I get to just be me for myself?
In a week and a half I am leaving. I'm leaving my husband for two months. Of course I will see him on the weekends but I'm used to crawling in bed next to him and wrapping my leg around his and warming my freezing feet on him. That will be hard. I worry about how it will be. I worry about how he will be. I've been "taking care of him" for almost a year now. I don't want him going back to a life of frozen pizza and Taco Bell. It is silly to worry in advance about a grown man who took care of himself for 37 years but he's mine and I love him and I'm going to miss him so much. I worry about me. Can I make it through this? I know I can deal with the school part but I feel a little disenchanted with my new home-away-from-home and that is so not a good way to start out a new job.
All of these things are swirling and twirling and spinning around in my head. I need to give myself a break. I'm starting to have trouble sleeping again which is REALLY bad for anyone who encounters me in the morning. My attitude can really suck at times no matter how much I try to keep in check. I just need some space to breath.