Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am a creature of Habit. That's right. Habit with a capitol "H". I like consistency. I like things to be the same. Now this is not to say I don't handle change well. I'm not scared of it. I think it is usually the only thing that you can count on. I expect change to happen in my daily life at work and at home. However, there are certain times and places that I NEED to remain consistent. My routines for instance.

I like my routines. They settle me. I'm a pretty high stress person, constantly on the go and my routines give me an opportunity to just chill out. Two examples. When I get off of work I do the exact same thing every time I walk in the door.
  1. Hang up my keys.
  2. Put away my purse and computer bag.
  3. Go to the bathroom.
  4. Put on my pajamas.
  5. Check the phone.
  6. Sit down.
EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yes this probably makes me somewhat of a weirdo but doing this totally de-stresses me. It's my way of shaking off my day. My other very important (to me of course) routine is my morning routine. Hubby gets up very early to leave for work and is always home by the time I get back. So my mornings are my one time of the day that is all mine. The TV is off (which it NEVER is any other time), I open up all the doors and windows, I eat my breakfast and check my email, FB, etc. Then it is shower time, make the bed, put my make-up on, do my hair, make my lunch, get dressed and out the door. Sometimes I listen to the radio while I'm doing this and sometimes I just enjoy the quiet. And it's usually one of the very few times that my dog is actually quiet too! Plus, I'm not a morning person so this is my way of waking up and dealing with the morning.

Most my husbands day's off are during the week when my little morning routine plays out. And because he wakes up so early everyday I don't ever get up before him. By the time I am up he is getting out of bed and turning on the TV and clearing his throat and basically being the loudest person known to man. And this puts me in a GREAT mood. As you can imagine it would for any Type A, everything-in-its-place-and-a-place-for-everything, morning hatin' person. Plus, I'm pregnant. Barrel 'o monkeys.

This was one of those mornings. I was grumpy from the moment my feet hit the floor. And there he was, my beloved, yawning as loud as he possibly can and immediately turning on ESPN. And there I was a crazy woman ready to rip his head off. You would have thought I was 16 again with all the huffing and puffing and stomping my feet I did. And then when I got in the shower and the water went cold, OH YEAH. Joy unspeakable. So here I was making a fool of myself, stomping around the house, mumbling under my breath when it hit me. Like a ton a bricks. Myself said, "HELLO YOU CRAZY IDIOT?! How about instead of acting like a big fat baby you actually ASK him for help. Ask him to leave the TV off until you leave and explain to him why!" Well I really blew myself away with that one. Be reasonable? Who'de a thunk it?

So that's what I did. I sat down next to Hubby and explained my predicament and he said, "Okay" and turned the TV off. Blessed silence. Just goes to show that sometimes husbands really do listen and wives get just a little too overwrought.

(Also yea, I do realize that I am in for a VERY RUDE AWAKENING in about 6 months. I realize that EVERY little routine I have is about to be thrown out the window. Baby steps people. Baby steps.)


bekah said...

I did this too!! Not today, but when we first got married, I could not for the life of me get used to coming home from work, and not having a moment to myself. I spent a few weeks absolutely BROODING about it, then finally said something to Matt...and he was like..oh, okay, no problem!

I felt like such a brat! Glad to hear Im not alone!! At least we figured it out eventually! (You did a lot faster than me!)

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I hear you. It is really hard for me when Tom comes home after being gone two days (his new schedule). My little single mom routine goes out the door and everything seems so chaotic that one night.

And it depends on what kind of a baby you have: Ty got on MY schedule, but man, oh man, Chloe wasn't going to be on anyone's schedule but her own! And she didn't even have one.

You know what though? It's actually been good. Tom says I am more laid back and now. I had to be!