Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's that Time Again - Blog Share

I am participating in Blog Share once again hosted by   And You Know What Else !  Just a reminder of how it works. . .

There are a bunch of participants and we all write a post and it is sent to anonymously to someone else's blog.  So tomorrow morning there will be a blog post here that is written by someone other than myself.  Please be kind to them.  Here is the list of participants:
The Time for Change
Bright Yellow World
Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills
Totally Serial
Daily Tannenbaum
Andrea Unplugged
From Kim's Desk
Rediscovering Me
Mama Bub
Being Five
Nothing Is Easier Than Self-Deceit
Molly's Musings
Did I Say That Outloud?
The Reluctant Grownup
And You Know What Else
Thinking Some More

Look for the post tomorrow!!

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