Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

So I totally didn't make my writing for 30 days happen, but maybe I can do this!  You know I love to take a photo!

I'm joining 30 Day Photo Challenge from Oh So Lovely (thanks Amy for turning me on to this!).  I think it will be fun to have something assigned I have to take a picture of besides my 10,000 pictures a day of my kid.  I'm going to do some on my phone and some on my camera.  Just whatever moves me!

I'm excited to do this and I think you should join in (I'm looking at you Michelle)! If you want to join make a comment here and at Oh So Lovely.

1 comment:

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Oh, crap-ola. There is no way. Not with 8 hours of work, then soccer practice AND getting both kids into school again.

Maybe I'll do something like this once school is back into swing, though. I love the idea.

And I like the new blog!