Sunday, December 2, 2007

Music to my ears

When you get married there are so many things to adjust to. Living with someone for the first time really shows you things about them and yourself that maybe you were unaware of or unprepared for. One of those things is sleeping arrangements. Here's the music that put me to sleep the other night. Turn your volume way up! It's hard to hear!


Mamasita said...

Hmmm...sounds familiar. Except that my snorer would be sleeping elsewhere if I posted his soundtrack online. Bill either has a great sense of humor or doesn't know about your blog!

My favorite trick is kicking just hard enough to bring him out of the deeper level of sleep, but not hard enough to completely wake him up. It stops the noise every time.

fotogrl said...

Start a fake coughing fit, "wake up from a terrible nightmare", twitch about... or just plain shove him over...

All these ideas are form experience.