Monday, December 31, 2007

So long 2007! Here's to 2008!

2007 has been a WONDERFUL year! It has been such a year of change and exciting times. We got engaged, had parties, had birthdays, and GOT HITCHED!! I can honestly say that 2007 has been my best year to date! But on to 2008. . .
Just like everyone else I'm making a few resolutions this year. Mine are as follows:
1. Project 365 - I am going to take a picture a day for the next 365 days. What a great way to document my life!
2. Faithfully partcipate on Spark People. This will REALLY help me in my goal to. . .
3. GET HEALTHY. I know everyone says this EVERY year but my goal is not to lose any certain amount of weight. Just to make a conserted effort every day to eat healthy.
4. End 2008 in a much better financial state than I am now.
So there it is. There are my goals. Anyone else making resolutions this year?


The Memory Journalists said...

My goals (I don't like to call them resolutions!):
1) Lose weight that I've put on! Isn't that always at the top of the list?! But I've been working so much this last year I'm not nearly as healthy as I was even two years ago.
2) Shoot only 12 weddings this year. Teresa is shooting primary now, so Cory and I will only accept 12 weddings a year - that's it!
3) I would say blog once a day, but that may be unrealistic. I did well this year by posting on average every other day. But sharing your life with others becomes addicting so...not out of the cards yet.
4) Get dynamite weddings off the ground with the help of such great girls such as Bree! (Glad I met you too this year!)

Happy Holidays!

Mamasita said...

I'll probably do a post on this very topic tomorrow.

1. Get waaay healthier. Not lose weight, but tone up, drink the water I need to, get the sleep I need to, get my veggies and vitamins, etc.

2. Get a J.O.B. I'm actually getting really excited about this. The kids acting like Satan this week has helped immensely.

3. Get our lives somewhat back to what they were pre-Chloe. We need more structure, stability and discipline. She really made things go haywire around here for a while.

4. Be more selfish. I said this last year, and I failed miserably. It seems I am incapable of putting myself first. Ever! But I'm trying.

5. Part of my selfish resolution is to focus on photography: better camera and a couple of classes. We should find a couple of weekend workshops we could take together!

Happy New Year!