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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jump on the Bandwagon

As my good friends know I am what you would call a "bandwagon" girl. Meaning I find something that I like, LURVE, can't live without and I will sing it's praises far and wide. I will tell all my friends and suggest, no TELL them that they much own it. So in honor of my obsessiveness I've decided to start a little segment here on the 'ol blog called "Jump on the Bandwagon." Let us commence.

My first product that I'm going to sing the praises of is my new Schick Quattro razor for women. I got one for free on our honeymoon. Thanks Windsor Worldmark! I was actually on the hunt for a new razor. I've been using the Venus razors for about 20 years (okay that is a slight exageration but it's been a really, really, really long time.) and I was just over it. I just wasn't getting the quality shave that I wanted and as we girls know a good shave is very important! ANYWHOO, so I got my free razor, busted it open and AHHHHHHHHHH. Oh, beautiful smoothness and no nicks! So now I own two. (see what I mean about bandwagon?) I won't bore you with the tiny details of it's wonderfulness but it is really one of the best razors I've ever used! To quote the Schick website,
4 Synchronized Blades for an incredibly close shave. A Conditioning strip
enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E. Compact pivoting head to follow the contours
of your skin. Comfortable rubber grip designed specifically for how a man or
woman shaves.

So my friends, if you are out there searching for a wonderful new razor check out the Schick Quattro.

Keep checking back for new installments of Jump on the Bandwagon!