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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jump on the Bandwagon: My Fitness Pal

Do you remember when I did this series before?  It's been FOREVER.  My 30 days of blogging is the perfect time to share with you a few of my favorite things!  Let's start with!

I mentioned in my post a few days ago that I was using MFP as a way to track all my food and exercise.  I was turned onto this site by my pal Becky.  And thank goodness!  I love it!  It is such an easy way to track what you are doing.  The data base for food is so extensive it is very rare that I search for anything that I don't find.

My favorite feature about MFP is on your home page, right at the top it shows you exactly what your calories are.  What you have used and what is left.  I also really like the fact that it just adds my exercise calories right in so I can really see how many I should be eating for each day.  And the community is AMAZING.  When I first started I spent so much time on the community boards getting encouragement and questions answered.  I don't spent quite as much time there now but I still love to go and look at others success stories.

They also have features for printing out reports , figuring out your BMI and BMR and even allows you to create badges (take a gander right down there on the right!)  There are apps for Andriod, Iphone and Blackberry which for me makes keeping track of everything all the easier.

By far this has been a huge factor in helping me get on track and figure out what I need to do!  And it is ALL FREE.  I know.  I can't believe it either.  I would recommend this website and app to anyone who is trying to lose, gain or maintain their weight.  Since I have started using it I have turned at least 4 other people on to using it too!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jump on the Bandwagon: FeatherBrain Headbands

I love headbands.  LURVE them.  I, however, have a very large head and find that they tend to either give me a headache or slowly slide off the back of my head.  Not cute.  Plus, I've always been into accessories.  I mean, it totally makes the outfit!  And now that I'm pregnant and I find myself wearing the same five things over and over the only way I can change it up is to add cute accessories.  Enter FeatherBrain

I have been looking for some cute, flexible headbands to wear.  Specifically with the thin headband.  I first saw these on The Pioneer Woman's website and just fell in love with them.  They are so beautiful!  I went to Etsy and just drooled over all the stuff in her shop.  After many hours of selection I narrowed it down to a pretty peacock feather.  I already know exactly where I want to wear this too.  I think that these would make awesome gifts too!  Plus, they are on sale so perfect for this time of the year!  This headband fits really well.  It's snug without giving me a headache and has enough give to fit over my melon head.  I'm now drooling over all her other headbands.  I can find at least 6 that I would like to own!

Sorry about the weird photo!  I wanted you to see how it fits!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jump On The Bandwagon

I love pretty things. LOVE THEM. Right now I love pretty rings. I go through stages where I love certain pieces of jewelry and right now it's rings. Here is one of my new favorites. Don't you love it too? It's so feminine and girly. Check out the Flowers for Your Ears Etsy store!

P.S. This is the LONGEST my nails have ever been. I'm so proud! My fat little hands actually look kind of cute!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jump on the Bandwagon - Baby Hazels

It's been FOREVER since I've done a "Jump on the Bandwagon"! And this is the perfect way to start it off again. Let me introduce you to Baby Hazels.

Baby Hazels is the jewelry line by my gal pal Lori over at Girly Muse. She had posted on her blog about her jewelry and when I saw the pieces I immediately loved them! I asked her to make me a few and send them on over. I love that they look a little old, a little new, a little vintage, a little modern.
My Muse

I just got them in the mail yesterday and they are so pretty! They are light and airy and I really love the chains she set them on. I also really like the versatility of the longer chains. The way Lori makes them you can either wear them long or short.


So if you are looking for a little funk in your life and you love homemade jewelry, send a not on over to Lori! I'm sure she's got just what you are looking for!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jump on the Bandwagon

It's that time again! Time for me to go on and on and ON about something I love! So here we go. . .

Abobe Photoshop Express

I found out about this website through another blog. This site is KILLER. I, being the poor newlywed that I am, cannot afford to go out and spend the hundreds of dollars it cost to get Adobe PhotoShop. But this is the next best thing because it is FREE!! Photoshop Express has some really cool options and even has online photo storage. Check out what I was able to do.


Popped the color and changed the hue


Changed the hue of all the colors.


Changed it to a Sketch.


Changed the exposure, the saturation of color and put a soft focus on the whole thing.

I am really loving this new program! You have to check it out!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jump on the Bandwagon

I have finally gotten back in stock my MOST favorite scrub and body oil. I HEART this stuff so much. "This stuff" refers to The Salt Project. I used these scrubs and body oil in the months leading up to my wedding and my skin was NEVER better. The greatest thing is that I don't have to use any lotion. I used to be such a lotion fiend but after I started using the Salt Project scrub and oil I found my skin was much softer and I didn't need the lotion. And now I'm going to admit something a little embarrassing. I am a suffering of adult acne. But not on my face. I get it on my back and chest. When I started using the scrub and oil it cleared all that up! Makes me love it all the more. And they smell SO delicious! My personal favorites are Crush, Drenched and Mango Tan.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jump on the Bandwagon

Now, I know I just did a bandwagon post but I have found a NEW NEW NEW website that I love! If you are reader this is the site for you! You can recommend books, check out what your friends are reading join book reading groups! SO COOL! Check it out!

My Good Reads

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jump on the Bandwagon

Well, it's been quite awhile but do I have a bandwagon product for you! I am such a beauty product-aholic. I own more beauty products then a person really should. And I will try all kinds of stuff if you tell me it is the latest and greatest. But this product I stumbled on only because I was broke and needed watch my pennies.

I always use some sort of make-up wipe to take off my make-up at the end of the day. I have used Ponds, Oil of Olay and even MAC. But the best one's I have ever used are made by Safeway. Yup. SAFEWAY! These are the absolute best. They take off the make-up so easily. I was really surprised! And CHEAP. Only about $4! Gotta love that!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jump on the Bandwagon

As my good friends know I am what you would call a "bandwagon" girl. Meaning I find something that I like, LURVE, can't live without and I will sing it's praises far and wide. I will tell all my friends and suggest, no TELL them that they much own it. So in honor of my obsessiveness I've decided to start a little segment here on the 'ol blog called "Jump on the Bandwagon." Let us commence.

My first product that I'm going to sing the praises of is my new Schick Quattro razor for women. I got one for free on our honeymoon. Thanks Windsor Worldmark! I was actually on the hunt for a new razor. I've been using the Venus razors for about 20 years (okay that is a slight exageration but it's been a really, really, really long time.) and I was just over it. I just wasn't getting the quality shave that I wanted and as we girls know a good shave is very important! ANYWHOO, so I got my free razor, busted it open and AHHHHHHHHHH. Oh, beautiful smoothness and no nicks! So now I own two. (see what I mean about bandwagon?) I won't bore you with the tiny details of it's wonderfulness but it is really one of the best razors I've ever used! To quote the Schick website,
4 Synchronized Blades for an incredibly close shave. A Conditioning strip
enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E. Compact pivoting head to follow the contours
of your skin. Comfortable rubber grip designed specifically for how a man or
woman shaves.

So my friends, if you are out there searching for a wonderful new razor check out the Schick Quattro.

Keep checking back for new installments of Jump on the Bandwagon!