Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mo' rain, mo' photos

So the boredom caused by the Storm '08 continues. Which drives me to my camera, my books and my computer. Because I'm bored you are forced to look at my pictures.

Which way do you like it better? Muted. . .

or vibrant?

Self-portrait in the jewel on my wedding shoe.
People hope this boredom doesn't continue or you will continue to be pestered with my pictures.

1 comment:

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

1. I love that!
2/3. I like it better vibrant
4. This is so funny: I thought you were looking through an ice cube!

I am loving this so far. It has totally got my brain on fire. A good thing, considering I need a brain when I start working again! Oh, and I found three classes this spring!