Sunday, March 9, 2008

Unky's Birthday Cupcakes

It was Unky's birthday on March 5th and my present was to make him Blackberry Cabernet Chocolate Cupcakes. Can you say YUM? Also, can you say frustrating? These were totally made from scratch (a feat for this brand new Suzy Homemaker). I made them the night before the party and Hubby and I tasted one to see how they came out and were not impressed. As you can see from the pictures frosting is VERY soft. But is supposed to be according to the recipe, I just didn't expect it to be runny. But the night of the party they were much better (for some odd reason) and everybody loved them.

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Mary said...

The cupcakes look great! Yeah, I tried something new with the runny frosting, but you're right, they are WAY better the next day. I'm glad you liked them and thanks for blogging about them!