Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jump on the Bandwagon

It's that time again! Time for me to go on and on and ON about something I love! So here we go. . .

Abobe Photoshop Express

I found out about this website through another blog. This site is KILLER. I, being the poor newlywed that I am, cannot afford to go out and spend the hundreds of dollars it cost to get Adobe PhotoShop. But this is the next best thing because it is FREE!! Photoshop Express has some really cool options and even has online photo storage. Check out what I was able to do.


Popped the color and changed the hue


Changed the hue of all the colors.


Changed it to a Sketch.


Changed the exposure, the saturation of color and put a soft focus on the whole thing.

I am really loving this new program! You have to check it out!

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Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I have a phobia about new computer programs. I went to that site three times and couldn't bring myself to try it. Of course, I'm the same person who has had Photoshop Elements for over a year and hasn't done anything with that, either. I need to take a class.