Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm a terrible, terrible person

So I was informed this weekend, rather bluntly, that I was a slacker. How are people supposed to keep up on my life if I don't blog? I know, I know. Terrible.

Life has been, shall we say, overwhelming. The job is still no fun. I just want to survive it. So there is that. And then there is the whole married thing. Gotta keep that alive and kicking! Can't live on love alone people! Oh and then there is all the crafting projects that I decided I just had to do. I'm teaching myself to sew. Not necessarily an easy thing! But I did make a very cute jeanskirt. Next project is an apron. There have been visits from the familia (hi Mom!) and trips out of town. And the other little blogs and newsletters and projects I'm working on. Whew. I'm tired. And of course I have to squeeze in my TV time. Can't miss my Jon & Kate Plus 8!

But I'm back with new resolve. No really. Just be patient with me. I'm a work in progress.

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Mamasita said...

Make me some culottes.