Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This picture goes with nothing in this post. Just wanted to show you the pretty sky I caught.

Whatcha think internet?

In other news, one of my camera's broke. Or at least I think it is broke. It won't let me download the pictures! And of course it is the pictures I need to get downloaded. GRRRR.

Started "official" training at the j-o-b today. And just like everything else it was chaos. Seriously hoping that things starting getting a little clearer around there. I did, however, score a day off with my hubby. Which is always a good thing. I'm looking foward to a day of hanging out and being together.

Got some other stuff and posts to write about some going-ons this weekend but I need to get the pictures off the camera first! Double GRRRRR. Say a prayer to the camera gods that my camera starts behaving.


Donna said...

Love the new background, Bree! Enjoy your day off with your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Love the facelift!!! Did you see my fall face lift? This blog thig is becoming an addiction!!!

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Ooh! I like it! I've been wanting to get a template for a long time, but get too overwhelmed by all the choices. And so, I keep my very boring blog.