Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pregnancy 101: Waking up

It's been twelve days since I posted. Which is the longest I think I have ever gone without pestering you with my thoughts and silliness. So where have I been? People, I've been growing a kid. GOODNESS. Did you guys know that when you get pregnant all you want to do is sleep? Oh, you did. Well, shoot. No revelation there then huh?

Seriously, with the tiredness? Holy cow. I have been very blessed in this pregnancy. I've only had morning sickness three days. I've had three migraines (In the last three weeks. BOO.). But the tiredness? Oh the tiredness. It has nearly killed me. I am not someone that slows down usually. I'm going full kilt until I drop. I always have ten different things I'm working on. Not so much anymore. I have quit simply had to slow down and take a nap. The tiredness has been the most annoying part. Oh and the mood swings. HELLO HORMONES. It's that feeling that you get when you KNOW you are being irrational but it's like a speeding train and you just can't slow it down. Fun for everyone!

However I feel myself coming out of the fog. I'm eleven weeks pregnant now and I can literally feel myself waking up. I haven't even really been on the computer much in the last few weeks, but suddenly I'm interested again. I processed over 1000 pictures in the last two days, so be prepared. I'm back.


Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

HOORAY! (I missed you.)

bekah said...

Haha, yeah those first weeks (months) are BRUTAL! I remember finally starting to get some interest in things once again and being so happy! I had worried that I would never have interest in anything other than sleeping! Glad you are feeling a little better!

Girly Muse said...

YAY! Glad you're back!!! And feeling a little more rested. :) It's a lot of work you're doing there. Makes me tired for ya.