Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Wedding

About a month ago my little brother married a beautiful girl. It was a gorgeous, happy day. And even though I was a part of the wedding party I couldn't possibly NOT take pictures!

The wedding and reception took place at Capitol Plaza Ballrooms. What a beautiful old building! The ceiling in the ceremony site was gorgeous. It was nice because all us girls were able to get ready at the ballroom then go right downstairs for the ceremony! Talk about easy!

The ceremony was sweet and heartfelt. I of course cried. And my new little sister gave us all a laugh when she saw her ring. She hadn't seen it yet and she was VERY excited!

The reception was SO much fun. We had Mexican food for dinner, which I had never had at a wedding but is was so good and so them! The DJ was awesome (friend of the bride's family) and played all the perfect songs for dancing our booties off. All in all it was a perfect day.

To check out the rest of the pictures look at the slideshow!