Friday, March 26, 2010

Pushing Through

It's been 10 whole days since you've heard from me.  I will give you 3 guesses what I've been doing!  Been buried under baby clothes and diapers! 

Last week was rough.  ROUGH.  Jackson wasn't feeling too good for a couple of days.  Lots of gas thanks to the eating habits of his momma!  Yea me.  (cue Mommy Guilt)  Then it all seemed to go downhill from there.  It was just a frustrating and hard week.  And honestly I didn't want to get on here and continue to complain.  But Thursday things started turning around.  Thanks to an really good Mommy & Me meeting and lunch AND I got my hair done that night.  That's right, I left baby and daddy to fend for themselves for three and half hours.  It was heaven.  And also nerve racking.  But we all survived.  Daddy and Jackson did well and momma came back feeling a bit like her old self.

The weather has also been really nice here which I think definitely helps the mood.  There is just something about sunshine that heals the soul.  I'm not looking forward to the dreariness and rain we have coming our way next week but I'm just going to take it one day at a time. 

All in all we are making it.  We learn something every day and our figuring out how to make our little family work.  And nothing beats rolling over in the morning to the big smile of a six week old who is just so happy you even say his name.

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Bekah said...

ugh I felt like one of the worst parents ever when Jack got gas from me eating a taco! Its so heartbreaking! He really will grow out of it...Jack finally did about a month ago!