Friday, April 23, 2010

The Happenings

We have been busy, busy, busy here in the BWildered household.  Here's what has been going on:

1.  Last Tuesday Jackson got his first round of shots.  He cried, I cried.  He was a little cranky for a few days but overall we did good.
2.  Three days after his shots I took him on his first roadtrip.  Just me and the boy.  Unfortunately Hubby had to work.  The driving was fine, the staying somewhere else not so much. 
3.  Our sleeping is totally and completely screwed up right now.  I'm trying to get us back on a schedule but we seem to be really struggling with that because,
4.  I think we are going through a growth spurt.  The boy has been downing bottles when given them.  I'm hoping my body will catch up with him soon!

I've got lots of pictures to process and show you so I'm hoping to have all that for you this weekend! Have a good one!

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