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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jackson Dewey - 6 Months

I'm baaaaaaacckkkkkk!  I feel ready to come back and write and tell you about my wonderful summer.  So some of these posts may be from a while ago but I have to catch you up right?

A few weeks ago my business partner (more to come on that!) was nice enough to come hang out with me and my little family of three.  I wanted pictures of the three of us, plus Jackson was six months old.  I take pictures of him everyday so I wanted someone else's perspective.

She nailed it.  I mean look at that face!  I just adore him and everything about him.

 He is such a happy boy.  If everyone had a firstborn like this boy we would all have lots and lots of kids.  He sleeps like a champ, plays well by himself and with others.  I mean, he's just PERFECT.  And I'm totally not biased.

He is certainly loved.  I don't think there was ever a boy more adored by his parents then this particular boy.  He makes us laugh constantly and when we laugh he giggles at us.  When he looks at you with that two-teeth grin you can't help but smile.

He's crawling now.  Pulling himself up on EVERYTHING.  And it's going too fast.  I know I say that every month but I really mean it this time.  I only get this time once and I just want it to slow down.

I love my boy more than I ever thought possible.  What in the world did I do before without him?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Five Months

Dear Budder,
Five months!  I can't believe you are FIVE MONTHS!  Kid, you are awesome.  You are so much fun.
You're eating solids now.  So far we have had oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, and avocado.  Big fan of the orange veggies, not so much the green.  But boy do you eat with gusto.  I've barely got the spoon back into the bowl and you've got your mouth open for more.
You are growing like a weed.  Since you are eating solids you have chubbed up big time.  In one week you cut a tooth, three days later cutting a second one OVERNIGHT.  You are starting to inch your way around.  Not fully crawling yet but it's coming.  You taught yourself to make the motorboat sound with your lips one morning at 4 am right in my ear.  And talk, talk, talk.  You love to jabber.  To me, to Daddy, to anyone that will listen.  You have this shriek that cracks me up.
Speaking of Daddy, you two are madly in love.  When he gets home it doesn't matter WHAT we are doing you are twisting and turning to see him.  If he walks right in and then walks out of the room you get really unhappy.  You guys spend lots of time hanging out and talking, watching a little TV.  Daddy likes to lay down with you at night to put you to sleep.  He's the big softie.  Mommy puts you in your bed to sleep and would let you cry it out, but Daddy hates that.
Everyday you are doing something new.  Noticing more of your world.  I am loving having this summer off with you to hang out and watch you grow.  You are such a sweet, wonderful little man.  Somedays I look at you and I'm just overwhelmed by how much I love you.  I hope you always know that.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Three Months

Dear Jackson,
Three months.  Twelve weeks.  Eighty-four days old.  It's already flying by and I want it to slow down.

You found your hands this month and you constantly suck on them.  You suck on them so loud Daddy and I laugh at your slurping noises.  You also discovered your reflection this month.  You think you are one handsome devil and do so enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror.  Even when you are crying!

You are becoming more of a Daddy's boy.  Everyday when he gets home from work you just light up and get so excited to see him.  You spend the next couple of hours hanging out together, laughing and talking and napping.  Daddy is better at getting you to go to sleep during the day than I am!

Today as I sat in Mommy & Me (which we LOVE and have made lots of friends) you were sleeping in my arms and I picked up your little chubby arm and just starting kissing on it.  Megan saw me and smiled and I told her, "Sometimes I just can't help it.  I just want to eat him up."

Speaking of Mommy & Me you are really starting to notice the other kids now.  You just stare at them.  It's as if you are unsure if they are a relection or new kids!

You are such a dear, cuddly little man and I love you so much.  Being with you everyday is the best use of my time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two Months

Dear Jackson,
Two months ago you came along and turned my world upside down. It's been an emotional roller coaster so far but worth every single minute.  You have become my world and I can't imagine what I did before you!

My favorite part of the day is waking up to you laughing and talking at me.  Every single morning you wake me up with your laughing and when I open my eyes and look at you I am rewarded with the biggest grin.  You will just lay there for an hour and talk to me.  It melts my heart.

My favorite face of yours is your pouty face.  When you are really upset and you want to let me know you pull out all the stops.  We are talking pouty lips, crocodile tears, the works.  And I think it's adorable.  I haven't gotten a picture of it yet because I feel bad putting you down to get a picture when you are so upset!

You LOVE your bath.  That's your special time with Daddy.  You just lay there and he talks to you and pours water over you and you just smile and smile.

This past month we had you dedicated at Nina and Papi's house on Easter.  It was a beautiful day.  Two sets of your great-grandparents were there.  Your cousins and great aunts and uncles.  We all gathered around you as Papi prayed for you and for us that we would raise you to be a Godly man.  And that's what we really want for you.  

I think about who you will be a lot even though I'm enjoying my little snuggle buddy.  Even now as you are growing and starting to show your personality I pray that I'm doing all the right things so that you grow into a good man.

I love you so much Budder.  You are the best part of me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Month

Dear Jackson,
Today you are one month old.  I can't believe how time is flying!  You are already changing so much it makes me sad to see my little budder to be going away.  Your cheeks are thinner, your eyes more alert and goodness you are a long boy.  It's hard to find clothes that fit you well because you are SO long.

I love that you are more alert now though. You wake up with smile and look me in the eyes.  You will coo and ah at me when I talk to you.  Which melts my heart right away.

You and I are still getting settled in and used to each other.  You are definitely a momma's boy though.  You love to be close to me.  Thankfully we have discovered Baby Bjorn and we are both happier for it.  I have free hands and you get your head next to my heart.

You are so loved little man.  Do you feel it?  And not just by me and daddy.  Your aunts and uncles adore you.  Your cousins are in awe of you.  And your grandparents can't get enough of you.  I hope you can feel all their adoration.  And momma and daddy's too.  We are in awe of you and how much you have brought to our lives.  And although it's not always easy we hope you know that we wouldn't change any of this for the world.