Monday, August 11, 2008

Tote Bag Swap

I joined the We the People Tote bag swap over at Tracey's blog about a month ago. I sent mine off today and I received mine today! SO CUTE! Not only did I get a cute tote but I got a wallet, a small tote and some cute fabric! Thanks Amy!


Green Plan(t) said...

I'm soooo happy you liked everything! Once I found that cherry fabric, I just got so inspired! :)

That's the first tote and wallet I've ever made too! :D

Ellena said...

I recieved my package from you today, what a "good mail Friday" you created for me, I love, love! everything, work was hectic this week so what a pick me up. Hubby fixed me a cup of mocha coffee, which I took along with the box to my screen porch and slowy, delightfully unpacked each little surprise, you are so generous, the bag is very well made, your sewing is great, just being able to put those fabics together shows you are a creative one. I would like to send you the pictures I took but I don't know how, but I will put them on my flickr page "ellenao" , Thank you for all the thoughtfullness and care that you put into my package,
Your blog is great, Married life is rewarding and I should know after being married 29yrs to a wonderful guy, Take care, God Bless