Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Will blog for food

So. You've all had time to adjust to my news about my divorce. Now, who wants my resume?

I hate looking for a job. HATE. IT. With a passion. I don't mind the interview process or any of that. It's the initial hunt and sending out your email. Personally I don't think I translate well onto paper. I mean it's not like you can write like you talk on a resume. And I'm much better and more me when I write like I talk. You know, like I do here. But somehow me thinks that potential employers don't want to hear me say "like" on my resume. Or me thinks.

Also having a hard time staying on task with my almost ex-job. It's hard to really care when you know you don't have to in a week and a half. And I so don't want to be a short-timer. I always hated when my employees did that to me. One nice thing though is each and every customer I have told has been disappointed that I was leaving. I've heard some really nice things about myself and my work in the last couple of days. Which is cool. It makes me feel all gooey inside. Oh and THANK YOU my internet peeps for being all encouragy and stuff. Even brought some of the lurkers out.

In other news I think my hubby and I have decided to fight as much as possible until we move. Nothing like taking the stress out on each. Good times. Casey told me that nothing will solidify my marriage like living with my parental unit. I REALLY hope she was serious.

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