Sunday, August 3, 2008

Me and my job are breaking up

Remember this post lurkers? And I KNOW you are lurking because I see you on my site counter! Plus you all pretty much emailed me immediately trying to get the scoop.

Anywho, here is the scoop.

I'm getting laid off.

My and job are going splitsville.

I "knew" it was coming. Sort of. I had a very strong suspicion anyway. On Monday of last week my boss CALLED (I have a completely separate opinion on how it was handled) me and said that I needed to make a choice. I could take the severance package or I could take a demotion, a paycut, and lose my car (I have a company car that is completely paid for. I am an outside sales person.). Let me see. . .you want to DEMOTE me. You want to LOWER my pay and you want to ADD to my expenses? Hmmmmm. I know I'm being flippant, but it was a hard choice. I love my job and I love the people I work with. I have a great branch and great customers. Plus IT IS A JOB. But I really didn't want to take 3 steps back. I have worked really hard to get where I am and if I go backwards it will take me just as long to get back where I am! Even though they did tell me that if things turned around they would "probably" promote me back to my current position I just felt like I couldn't count on it. They can't predict what will happen. Heck, they didn't even predict this!

So as of August 15th I am no longer employed. I have no other job offer. I have a few things in the works but nothing I'm totally sure is a done deal. And while I know this is a business decision and it's not personal it is hard to not be a little pissed off by the whole thing. But I'm just trying to have a good attitude (despite what the picture at the top may tell you) about the whole. And not stress.

HA! Yea right.

OH, there's more. . .

The day I found out about my upcoming lay-off we got a letter from our apartment complex letting us know that our lease was coming up. We could either renew a year lease with a slight increase in rent or go month-to-month and pay $2000 PER MONTH. They seriously need to lay off the crack pipe. I mean, I don't live in a dump but it's not freaking Beverly Hills. It's less than 900 square feet! So on Friday when I announced that I would be taking the severance package I then went to our apartment complex and gave our notice.

That's right. I'm jobless and homeless.

Thankfully Hubby has already put in a transfer back to his old store in Sacramento. So in two weeks I lose my job, in 30 days we are moving to Sacramento. Oh and because we live in the Bay Area which is so expensive you can't save a single dime we are going to have to move in with my Parental Unit for a few months until we can buy me a car and save up some money to get into a new place. Oh lordy. It's gonna be interesting.

So if I seem a little more snarky than usual or a little down in the dumps now you know why. And if you know of anyone that's hiring I've got a shiny new resume!


Matt said...

sorry to hear about all that... it sure does suck! i know thomson reuters is hiring, if you find a job you might be interested in, let me know before you apply and we'll share the referral bonus. :)

Anonymous said...

dDearest Bree...Thank you for the life changes updaate...YUP...things happen but you're right for the're a extremely talented young woman with a bright future ahead of you...YES, one door closes and anoter opens..Please be VERY picky wen choosing another position...explore this photgraphy have nothing to lose only gains...we're looking forward to spending some time with both you and Bill at the wedding...Remember the Best is yet to come and your ship will come in to port just a little stormy weather for the time being..Great Auntie DEK

moosh in indy. said...

Nothing solidifies a marriage like living with your parents for any amount of time. Seriously. I've done it. Twice.

James Wilder said...

Welcome back to the Sac area. Sorry for the vehicle driving you back (no pun intended) is horrendously scary (jobless and "homeless").... send Bill my regards.

Tracey said...

We lived with my mom for awhile and for the most part it was a fun time. Best of luck in the job search. I left a job I HATED last November and it took me about 3 months to get another. The best part: I LOVE my new job. Wishing you the same job blessings that I have had!

Tiffany said...

Just wanted to say that I love you and that even though things are in a state of disarray, it all happens for a reason and is part of the bigger plan that God has in store for you. Continue to have faith and trust in Him.. and all things considered, being back in Sac won't be soooo bad, you'll be closer to me and we can be snarky together : )!
Loves and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I feel you Bree on this one! This was my life back in december last year. B-stone just got so crazy, I had to leave - with or without a job. I lost my house (rented) right around the same time. Lost the boyfriend too. I moved in with my mom planning on saving up some $$ for two months and I ended up moving out less than two weeks later. haha

But everyone is right - when 1 or 10 doors shut, a few really shiny ones open up. Now I have an AMAZING job doing graphic design and a cute apartment downtown with the dog of my dreams.

So good luck to you in your adventures!! xoxox