Sunday, November 30, 2008

Help a kid out, won't ya?

My pal Michelle is helping her kid learn the value of a dollar and making him raise the money himself for a trip to DC. I freakin' love this. I had to come up with my own money for extracurricular stuff when I was kid and most kids now just get the good 'ol handout. ANYWHO, Michelle and Ty are working hard to raise some moolah. And, so far, okay. So here I am asking all you reader and lurkers (yes all 3 of you) to go check out Ty's blog. Right now they are trying to gather recipes for baked goods. They are going to put them into a cookbook and sell them. So go give up your favorite recipe and donate a dollar or two if you can! Do it for the kiddie, won't you?


Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Thanks! You're the best ever.

Cindy Breninger said...

How do I subscibe? It was good seeing you on Turkey Day! :)

Andrea said...

ok, i am ready to come out. my name is andrea and i am a blog stocker, i know i know, it is really bad. i found your blog on donnas and teresas and i just havnt been able to give it up, so i still look at it at least once a week. blog hopping is one of my favs to do when i can't sleep. well nice to meet you. i am going to blog hop over to the other blog now, bye.