Monday, November 24, 2008

If I could write a letter. . .

I saw this on Firegirl's blog and I loved the idea. I love Brad Paisley's song and I have a few things I'd love to say to my seventeen-year-old self. At seventeen my life was turned upside down. My family left the religion I had known my entire life. My parents moved away, and thinking it was best for me, let me live with my grandparents to finish my senior year. My grandma was sick with breast cancer and I couldn't stand to be in the same room as my grandfather. I hated every single solitary minute of high school. My life changed more in that year then I had ever experienced and I was in a not so good place. I skipped a lot of school and worked as much as I could. I wrote long letters to my long-distance boyfriend and locked myself in room listening to really inappropriate (for a girl such as myself) music like R. Kelly. My attitude any parents worse nightmare times 5. Bad news. So what would I say to me to help me make it through? Here's a few ideas:

High school doesn't last forever.
That girl that tortures you? It's more about her, not you.
Stop skipping English. You actually like it.
Yes, you are different. That's okay.
Your parents love you. And they feel bad.
Don't put down your camera. You are good at it.
That typing class will serve you well, despite what you may think.
Not everything has to be a fight. Not everyone is out to get you.
Working hard is good. So is having fun.
Take it easy on mom. She's changing too.
Spanish will help! Try harder!
Silvia is a true friend. Always.
Those that have betrayed you are not worth fretting over.
Get to know Carol better. You will enjoy her friendship later in life.
Stop being jealous of your sister.
That boy you love so much? Love him for now. Then let him go.
That boy you fall for next. Don't.
Get to know Josh. He will be the type of brother you never knew you needed.
Enjoy who you are. You are better than you think.
Prom will be all the fun you think. Enjoy every minute.
Remember how it feels to be judged. Don't make other's feel that way.
College will be everything you hoped high school would be.
You are smart.
You are beautiful.
You are loved.

What would you say to yourself?

Letter To Me - brad paisley


Melissa said...

hey...thanks for the comment on my blog... i'm assuming by this post you saw my comment on someone elses "if i could write a letter" haha maybe i should make a post "if i could write a letter" haha... i love that song..and after i heard it the first time it really makes you think...especially about all the stupid stuff that you did or didn't do.. :o) well thanks for the comment...

Shawnna said...

I came upn your blog through a mutual friend and was touched by this post for a myriad of reasons....number one being your willingness to be brave enough to be this open. I wonder if you would mind if I emailed you a little something. Could you drop me your email address at:

Missing the past good times,
Shawnna Buxton

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

This would be too emotional for me to tackle. I don't have any real regrets in my life, because the path I took led me to where I am now. And I have the life I always wanted.

BUT...wouldn't I love to be young again, without the foolishness that goes with it. If I knew then what I know now, I could rule the world (and kicked some ass along the way).

I wish I'd known that mean people aren't scary, they're just sad. I would have spent more time feeling sorry for them and less time feeling sorry for myself.

The Memory Journalists said...

Holy crap. What a post! I think I will steal this idea too! So you'll have to read my blog to see my answer! Give me a i'm writing it right now.

Donna said...

What a beautiful letter to your 17 year old self.

James Wilder said...

He's one of my favorites (Brad). Always has a way of saying things.