Saturday, November 8, 2008

She lives!

Yes, yes. It's been over a week. But I have fabulous excuses and they will all be revealed in the next couple of days. Until then enjoy my new hair and my self-photographed modeling session. I'm so vain.


Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Ooh! So shiny! And pretty!

I cut my hair, too. We must be on the same wavelength. As usual. Get out of my head!

But I like your color. I'm cutting costs by having my natural color for the past year now. Thank God I'm not going grey yet.

I love the new do! (yours, not mine...although I love mine, too)

Ummm...the security word is "cooten". I don't want to know what that is.

Donna said...

Great cut for you, Bree! I love it!

The Memory Journalists said...

Love the new hair cut!!!! way cute.