Thursday, June 4, 2009

Consumed by a Poppyseed

Okay for those of you who have had kids or are currently pregnant you know this blog is going to become CONSUMED by all things pregnant and baby. I can't help it! I'm sorry! Wait, no I'm not.

This is my first. My first pregnancy, my first baby, my first little poppyseed floating around in there. And if my hubby has anything to do with it my only. So I'm going to soak this up and enjoy every minute. And please save your horror stories for when I ask for them. Thanks.

I am so amazed by my body right now. Truly. I signed up for one of those weekly emails that tells you about what is happening in this week and what all that good stuff. Right now my little punkin is the size of a poppyseed and is moving it's way into the placenta. ALREADY it is forming it's internal organs. CRAZY. I can feel my body moving, changing, contracting to prepare itself to grow this little love.

That's the other thing, the INTENSITY I already feel. I find myself throughout the day touching my belly or rubbing it. I know that when I see my baby the love will be like no other but the love I already feel is like no other.

I promise to try to not ONLY blog about babies and pregnancy. Promise to TRY. But all I can think about right now is my little poppyseed.


Girly Muse said...

You go right ahead and be consumed!!! So excited for you!

Tosha said...

Bring it on!! I love to hear ALL about you and your little poppyseed. We can live it all over again through you and it is so exciting. You just enjoy the overwhelm happiness right now. I can't wait until you feel the first kick or hiccup. augh this is exciting.

bekah said...

then blog about babies and pregnancy! Its okay, its where you are in your dont have to apologize to anyone for that!

Trust me, I know the feeling...some days it is ALL I think about!

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

The beauty of a blog is that you can write about whatever you want!

Plus, those of us who hung a "closed" sign on the baby factory? We still like to live vicariously through others. Just don't make it too wonderful of an experience for me...I might be sending Tom to get un-snipped. lol

I remember these feelings more with Ty than with Chloe. Just an overwhelming love for something so tiny and something you have only known about for a brief time...

It's such a special time. And remember that a blog is such a great record: anything you write about, you'll have forever.

If people get bored with the baby blog, they can choose not to read it. But the rest of us can't wait to experience this with you.

Andrea said...

i would love to hear all about, even if it may seem to be a over kill