Monday, June 22, 2009

Pregnancy 101: Poisoned

Okay, so after much thought ya'll are gonna hear it all. That's right. IT ALL. I figure it's my blog which is supposed to be about my life and this will be consuming my life for the 7 and half months SO why wouldn't I write about it. Plus I have single friends and/or non-pregnant friends that I have insisted I give them all the gory details. So in order to spare those of you who just don't want to hear it we are going to have a Pregnancy 101 series. I'm going to write about all the beautiful and not-so-wondrous things going on in my body. And now, you have been warned.

H-E-double hockey sticks. That is how I felt about 3 hours ago. It was bad friends. I woke up this morning knowing it wasn't going to be a good day when I wanted to puke while eating breakfast. Awesome. I did gulp down some milk though which seemed to help my stomach. And by the time I did get to work I look liked death warmed over which brought some attention from the coworkers. So some of them know now.

I'm officially being poisoned by my hormones. The past two weeks it has hit me a few times but NEVER like this. HOLY COW. I sat down to eat some lunch hoping that would make me feel better and I was concentrating so hard on eating and not being sick that when my boss poked his head over my cubicle I yelled and jumped about 5 feet. That didn't help. So I grabbed my stuff and headed to my car praying the whole way that I wouldn't get sick in the parking lot. I shoved a ginger candy in my mouth, pulled around the corner in the shade, blasted by AC and put on my Taylor Swift to calm my mind. And then I slept for an hour and woke up feeling like a new person that had just slept for 12 hours. Much better.

Here's all my tricks that I tried today that failed me: eating, eating more, eating protein, eating crackers, eating every 30 seconds, drinking 7-Up, drinking water, not drinking water.

Here's the only thing that worked today: ginger candy and a nice hard nap. Followed by some salt and vinegar chips once I got back to my desk.

So I ask you, what tricks help you get through this time?

I had a fabulous Father's Day post written in my head. And then it was Father's Day and I was beyond tired and had to cook a big meal for hubby and his daughter who was bringing over her bf to meet us for the first time and I also had to clean house and make some cookies and before I knew it the day was almost over and I was falling asleep in my chair. Crap. Happy Father's Day peeps.


julie said...

I had never heard this before, but when my friend was pregnant, she went to town on seedless watermelon and that seemed to calm her stomach.

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I have nothing for you. I'm so sorry. The only thing that worked for me was time...I was sick from 9 to almost 20 weeks with Ty. With Chloe, it was about 5 weeks to 14 weeks.

Constantly eating was the only thing that helped. And from my experience, the morning sickness that makes you throw up is soooo much better than the kind that just makes you WISH you were throwing up. It's pretty terrible.

But this will pass! You'll suddenly realize one day that you haven't been sick and it will awesome.

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Oh, and one more piece of advice:

Don't ever call in sick for morning sickness. Just force yourself to show up, no matter what.

I was sooo sick with Chloe, and I never called in sick, because I knew if I stayed home even one time, I'd never go back!

bekah said...

I feel your pain!! The ONLY thing that worked for me, and it only helped, didnt make the all day sickness go way, was mint tea. I think it saved my life, Im sure it saved my marriage!

So...give it a try, you can get it at the supermarket. I know now that it is summer the last thing you want is a hot drink, but it really did help!

Bree said...

Thanks for the tips!

Girly Muse said...

oh man, so sorry you're so sick. it's miserable.

i never tried this, but my cousin swore it helped her. she got one of those seasick bracelets and wore that all the time.

if it gets to be too bad, the doc will give you something too.

hopefully this phase will go by quickly and you'll feel much better.