Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here we are a whole week later and I haven't written a single thing. And I would apologize but quite frankly people, I'm beat. This growing a kid inside of your body is quite exhausting. Also, it makes you very hungry.

Things I have experienced so far:
-Extreme and utter exhaustion. I mean I have put myself to bed at 9 p.m. And for those of you that know me that is SO not normal.
-EMOTIONAL. Hello roller coaster. One day I was SO tired I was crying about it. Luckily I gave hubby a heads up before I totally broke down.
-All food is like Chinese food. I can stuff myself and a mere hour later I'm thinking, "Hmmm. I could really go for a banana."
-Fruit is the nectar of the gods. I am not a huge fruit eater normally but it tastes so sweet to me right now.
-"Morning" sickness doesn't always happen in the morning. I find that if I do feel sick it is usually first thing in the morning and right before dinner. Thus the constant eating in hopes it stays away.
-HELLO DREAMER. Can we talk about the CRAZY and vivid dreams of a pregnant person? HOLY COW. And I am dreaming about things that I have never in my life dreamt about before!
-Worry. I WANT this baby. I want to be a good mother. I want a healthy kid. I want hubby to not get lost in the shuffle. I want the perfect job. I don't want to screw up.

Next week I go to meet my doctor and have my first ultra-sound. And yes, I know it is the internal ultra-sound (EWWWWWWWWW). I've been going back and forth about how much to write about this pregnancy thing. On one hand I think it should be a lot like writing about marriage. I don't think you should only write how great marriage is. It's unrealistic and I think it gives single people the wrong idea. I don't think you should air all your dirty laundry but you should certainly be honest. So I feel that way about pregnancy. It is a wonderful and beautiful thing. And amazing for sure. But it has some not so fun side-effects as well. As a first time pregnant women I would rather go into it with my eyes wide open than be surprised. But maybe that's just me.


Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Well, I would like to hear every single detail...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

bekah said...

I was petrified when I saw the two pink lines on the test. Not scared that I was pregnant, but scared that something would go wrong, that I would unknowingly do something to hurt our baby. I really struggled through the first trimester, I wont lie. But I can tell you gets SO much better. The exhaustion ebbs, which helps your moods, which in turn helps your fear. Dont be afraid to be honest about your pregnancy, it made me feel better to write what I was feeling, and to hear from other women that 'hey, I felt that too, you are normal!'

Bree said...

Jennifer Shepherd Cashio said

Hang in there sistah!

Anonymous said...

Cedra Strickland said
o im so happy for you

Anonymous said...

Amber Parmentier said
How wonderful! Congrats!! PS... everyone figured out I was pregnant pretty quickly when I would come home from work at 530 and nap for 2 hours, wake up, eat dinner and then go back to sleep! Hang in there, it might be the hardest thing your body ever goes through, but it's the most magical and amazing thing as well!

Anonymous said...

Shelly Hendriks said
Bree, hang in there it gets better. I would do it 10 times over even with all the bad stuff that goes with it, it is so worth the good stuff. Enjoy ALL of it!!!!!