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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rewind: The Boy's 1st Birthday

So I am MONTHS behind but you want to see this right?  Here we go!

Of course we did the theme in Dr. Suess.  It was fun and easy.  We had all the stuff from my baby shower and from the Boy's room to use.  Free is my favorite!  Isn't that wreath adorable?  You can make one too!

We had cupcakes and strawberries and cakeballs, oh my!  Of course there were ham sandwiches and green eggs too.  The Boy was a little overwhelmed by it all.

Isn't his shirt adorable?  Check out AlphaChic run by my good friend Shari!  She did such a cute job with this shirt and I loved it.

 These were some of my favorite decorations.  I got them FOR FREE from The Giving Madam.  She is awesome enough to design these and GIVE THEM AWAY.  Like I said, I love free!

Look at how cute me and my boys are.  I love them.  They just make me so happy.  The Boy got himself a nice little nap before the party and woke up about 20 minutes before the fun began so he was in a great mood.  Which made mommy very happy!

At first my Boy wasn't so sure about all this cake stuff.  And then he tasted it and fell in love with sugar.  He.  Was.  Covered.  Just as every one year old should be.  

He got tons of fun gifts from his friends and family but by far the winners were the recliner from Nina and Papi.  How stinkin' cute is that chair?

All in all such a great day.  We had so much fun celebrating this first year.  We all made it!  Check out the slideshow for more pictures!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Baby Valentine

I guess my plea worked. Five hours after posting that I was being admitted to the hospital. Twenty hours and 30 minutes later my greatest blessing, gift, accomplishment was born. I have quite the store to tell with LOTS of drama but that will have to wait. Let's just revel in his cuteness, shall we? Thank you all for your texts, and Facebook posts and everything else. I'm so glad I got to share it with you.

Born: 2/10/10
9 pounds 8 ounces
21 1/2 inches long

Thank you to Nicole for capturing these pictures.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Any Minute Now

Well, today's the day. That's what I'm told. Today's the BIG DAY. At least that's what they told me 10 months ago. They wouldn't lie to me about this right?  Ten months ago my midwife pulled out her little wheel-chart thingy and said February 9th was the day we were shooting for.  So I'm ready.  Bags are packed, car seat installed, bassinet cleaned and ready and we've got lots and lots of diapers. 

I'm 40 weeks pregnant and I'm over it.  God is pretty smart.  You are pregnant just long enough to get to the point that you could CARE LESS about how much pain is involved you just want the baby out.  And that's where we are at here in the Wilder household.  I had a rough day yesterday.  It started on Saturday when I had contractions all day 30 to 45 minutes apart.  I started to get excited thinking that was it.  And they promptly stopped at 7:30 p.m.  Saturday night neither Hubby or I got any sleep because I'm sick YET again.  I was coughing so much I kept us both up.  Sunday was worse.  I couldn't breathe, I couldn't blow my nose, and the coughing. Oy vey.  Sunday night was another night of sleeplessness and Monday I hit a wall.  I sat on my couch and sobbed for really no good reason other than I was tired, I was sick, I was frustrated and I am so darn tired of being pregnant.  Luckily I have the greatest Hubby in the world who came home and comforted me and held my hand and generally made me feel like I wasn't crazy.

Today we are heading out into the nasty weather to find a big shopping center to walk around in.  I think we both feel at this point if we aren't going to be sleeping much we might as well have a cute baby to look at.  And the contractions have started being more consistent again (yes I realize I could go on like for a week.  Please lie to me at this point.)  Besides, they did tell me today was the big day.  And they better be right or heads are going to roll.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Partying with Dr. Suess


Last weekend my Momma, my sister and my SIL threw me an AWESOME baby shower. Dr. Seuss themed! It was unbelievably cute. My mom and sister always throw THE BEST PARTIES as I've told you before and this was no different than any other time!


They had taken so much time to decorate the house and the food was amazing! There was Dr. Seuss books and characters everywhere. One of my cousins had come in a few days early (thanks Sherrie!), and her and my sister had baked these delicious sugar cookies in the shape of characters and frosted them. They were so good. I wish I had more to eat! (Next time you bake Sherrie you can send me some to test!) Of course there was yummy cupcakes and mini cheesecakes and lots and lots of food. They even made blue punch to go with the theme!

I had such a wonderful time with all my friends and family. I felt so special and loved. We received many wonderful things but more than anything I just enjoyed being with everyone and having them share in my happiness. Thank you all so much for taking the time out of your schedules to spend a little time celebrating our Jackson. I can't wait to share him with all of you. And again, a special thank you to my mom and my sister's for all your hard work. You guys rule!
Thanks to my Aunt Steph for this pictures!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: So Small

To find out more about Wordless Wednesday go here and here

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pregnancy 101: No I'm not drunk, I just have vertigo

Yesterday marks our first trip to Labor & Delivery.  It all went swimmingly.  The staff was great.  They were ready and waiting for me.  They got me right in and hooked up.  And all because I can't seem to stand up straight.  I have vertigo.

Let's talk vertigo for a minute, shall we?  Have you ever had it?  IT SUCKS.  And when I say that in all capitals I am yelling it.  It is the epitome of suckiness.  It's like a really bad hangover with the spins.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to stand up or sit up and suddenly find yourself nearly falling over because the world is upside down and gravity seems off.  They kept us there for about an hour and a half and monitored me.  They were worried that is was a high blood pressure issue, but my blood pressure was fine.  Jackson was happy as lamb, active as ever.  In fact they had to come in and adjust the monitor because he was moving so darn much.  No distress for the little mister. 

The OB on call said it isn't uncommon for her to see vertigo in pregnant women this time of year.  She suggested benadryl at night and sudafed during the day.  Both of which have been absolutely no help.  And the waves of wooziness that come with the dizziness?  Just another lovely side effect.  Lucky me!  As you can see I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself right now.  I have 100 things I want/need to be doing right now but most of those require me being able to stay upright for long than 10 seconds at a time.  So I'm wallowing a bit.  I don't take back anything I've said about the parts I enjoy about being pregnant, but this is one side effect I could have done without.  Especially because my body is already off balance due to the large belly in front and the loosening of my joints.  Guess I'll go sit in my chair and eat some chocolate until I feel all better.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pregnancy 101: 32 Weeks down, 8 to go

32 weeks. THIRTY-TWO WEEKS. That's only about 8 weeks left people. I'm not ready.  I mean really.  I have WAY too much to do.  On the other hand I would really enjoy being able to breathe and eat and sleep (DON'T say it.  I KNOW.) again.

I had my monthly check-up yesterday. Everything is looking a-ok.  I'm measuring 33 weeks.  I only gained 3 pounds last month (YEA ME!).  And according to my midwife Jackson is in prime delivery position.  Which I could have told her from the butt sticking into my lungs and the fingers playing around down, ahem, south.

The last week has been a little rough.  Insomnia is getting worse.  I find myself staying up until I can barely keep my eyes open hoping that once I hit the bed I will zonk out.  Not so much.  It takes such an effort to find a comfortable position.  And I toss and turn all night.  My poor hubby is finding himself on the couch nearly every night.  Not because I make him move but because I keep waking him up.  Poor guy.  He has to be at work at 4 a.m. so he really needs his sleep.  And I'm sure part of the reason for his move is my snoring.  Oh yes.  I am now a champion snorer apparently.  Sexy.

The heartburn has been out of control too.  I'm trying a new tactic of eating small little meals all day long.  More like snacking all day.  And gulping my water down earlier in the day in hopes that it helps.  I have discovered if I just stay upright for at least an hour after I eat something it cuts down on the heartburn quite a bit.  And at this point everything gives me heartburn expect water.

My belly is starting to look like something out of Alien.  At different points of the day Jackson will just push against different parts of my belly and I look all lopsided.  His kicks are getting so strong they actually will make me jump.  And some of them tickle.  Which is weird.  I think we are both getting a little cramped with our situation and will be quite ready to have our own space.  But I know I will miss this time of just him and I.  We will never again be as close as we are now.  I believe everyone when they say that I will actually miss his kicks.  Although sometimes they hurt a bit they still make me smile.  That's my boy in there.  My son.  And I'm just about ready to see his scrunchy little face.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pregnancy 101: 27 Weeks

I'm officially 27 weeks.  Or at least I was as of Monday.  27 weeks.  I can't believe it!  Only 2 weeks left in my second trimester and then its off to the finish line.  I'm experiencing the fun pregnancy symptoms now.  Feeling Jackson's kick and punch my insides and today he had the hiccups!

I'm carrying him VERY LOW.  In fact that is the second thing women comment on when they see me.  The first is "HOW HUGE I AM".  So all is soccer playing he is doing is happening way, way down there.  My favorite part is when he is waking up in the morning.  He pretty much wakes me up every morning with his dance routine.

This past weekend I went with my Momma and we picked out the nursery stuff.  I'm so excited about it!  Although I did throw everyone for a loop because originally I had a very specific idea in mind and I completely went a different direction.  I'm not going to tell you what we are doing yet because I want to wait until we get it all together and show you.  But it has something to do with one of my favorite things!

Hubby has taken to giving my belly the rub down.  I think now that I'm really showing it is making it more real for him.  He hasn't been able to feel Jackson move yet because the little nudger stops moving as soon as I try to get Hubby to feel it!  I'm hoping soon he will be able to feel him move though. 

The worst parts right now is my stinkin' sciatic.  It doesn't bother me everyday but when it does it is pretty awful and will stay with me for a few days.  I haven't been having the headaches which is awesome.  I have been getting a little swelling but it's mostly when I'm on my feet too much and I need to give myself a break.

Today is exactly 13 weeks until Jackson's due date.  THIRTEEN WEEKS.  That is so close!  I can't believe that in such a short amount of time I'm going to have my son in my arms.  I can't wait!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pregnancy 101: Seeing Blue

Dear Jack,

Yesterday Daddy, Mommy, Nina, Papi, Auntie Coley, Uncle Ua, Auntie Chicken, cousin Butterbean, cousin Lovebug and cousin B all crowded into a room and a lady with a magic wand rubbed it all over Mommy's belly and took lots of pictures. She took pictures of your head and your arms and your legs and your spine and your heart and your bottom. We all oohed and ahhed as we saw all the little parts of you.

Baby Jack's first picture.

The best moment of the day for me wasn't even when the big reveal came. Daddy and I went in first with the nurse so she could take all the pictures of you. Mommy couldn't see the screen so she just watched Daddy's face as he watched you jump all over the screen. The room was dark and quiet and Daddy was mesmerized by what he saw. Then he whispered to himself, "This is so incredible." And Mommy cried. Daddy is a man of few words and that was a lot for him.

The Money Shot.

The lady with the magic wand actually had some trouble getting pictures of you at first. You were all curled up like a U. And no matter how much we prodded at you, you stubbornly refused to budge. In fact we would prod and you would kick Mommy! You were sleeping just like Mommy does too, with your arms wrapped around your head.

Look at that strong leg!

I have known you were Jack all along. Mommies just know these things sometimes. Secretly I was already calling you Jack. Daddy wasn't so sure. He really wanted you to be a boy since he already has his little girl but I think he was afraid to hope so he was convincing yourself that he was a boy. Auntie Coley and Nina knew you were a boy too and already had gifts for you! Even Aunt Michelle knew you were a boy! So see you were meant to be our all along.

I want you to know my little Jack that never was there a Jack more loved and wanted than you. You are already the love of Mommy and Daddy's lives. And while we are so anxious to meet you and see you and hold you we can be patient, so you stay where you are for a few more months. Grow strong and healthy in your little cocoon. We will be here when you ready. Love you my little man.

Love, Mommy

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pregnancy 101: 19 weeks

Today I'm 19 weeks. Just shy of 5 months pregnant. I can't believe how fast it has gone! I keep waiting for the glorious 2nd Trimester feeling but I have to tell you I have actually felt WORSE in my 2nd Trimester than in my 1st.

Two Thursdays ago I was beat down by the flu. The doctor says maybe the Hog Flu but really who knows. So I had that for 4 days (over Labor Day Weekends which caused me to miss out on my family reunion!), went back to work for a whopping 2 hours when I got the MIGRAINE FROM HELL. And yes it must be capitalized. I have had migraines before. Some pretty bad but never, ever like this. This one made me physically ill, unable to eat and lasted for three days. Yes. Days. So I was out of work for a whole week. Awesomeness. I am, however, feeling much more like my snarky old self now so all is good in the hood.

The big news this week is that in just 4 days we are all taking a little field trip to radiology, they are going to squirt some goo on my ever growing belly and if my child isn't TOO modest we will know whether or not to go out and buy a football or a shotgun. And while it seems like it has taken forever to get to this point, it also seems like its taken just a minute. I'm so excited to know. We have our names picked out and we can finally stop calling him/her "The Baby" and start calling him/her by their rightful name. So look for the big announcement on Saturday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pregnancy 101: Picky, Picky

Being pregnant does some weird things to you. It causes you to feel like crap, lose your mind, gag at a smell and generally destroys any ideas you might of had about how your body will look when you get old. Here's the short list of what's killing me now:

1. Italian dressing. I'm not even kidding. I just gagged. WHO IN GOD'S NAME INVENTED THIS? So gross. Oh and I've never hated it before.
2. Chicken. But only if it is plain. If you've got it smothered and covered I'm good.
3. BBQ sauce is the food of god's. I'm not kidding. I could eat it every day. My mouth just literally watered.
4. Starbursts. Hello sweet goodness. And I get the favorites pack. All pinks and reds. My lover.
5. Brushing my teeth. There I go gagging again. I do fine until about 10 second before I start going for the tongue. And then I start gagging. UGH.
6. Water. Can't smell at all. Can't have a taste at all. Prefer bottled for all those reasons.
7. Saltine crackers. Sand anyone?
8. Peanut butter crackers. The kind with the cheese cracker. Yummy goodness.
9. Bananas. So sweet!
10. Cherries. UGH. I can't eat them without thinking of that movie with Jack Nicholson, Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon where he makes them all throw up cherry pits. Double ugh.
10. The smell of the lotion/perfume the girl 3 cubicles back uses. I'm going to rip it from her hands and throw it away. Must you wear a GALLON of it?
11. The smell of my hubby when he gets home from work. It's a mixture of fruit and veggies and smells like straight compost to me.
12. Potstickers. Can't. Stop. Thinking. About. Them.
13. Taco Bell. I could eat it everyday.

So there you have it. The short list. It makes for very interesting meal times. I'm starving but I don't know what I want. Can't figure out what I want. Crazy hormones. They just might be the death of me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pregnancy 101: Is Forever Enough?

I heard this song for the first time when the Dixie Chicks released their last album. When I heard it I just knew that I would be very special to me one day. I ran across it about 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant and I bawled like a baby. And then last week I was driving to work and heard it again and the same thing.

I was there when my oldest niece was born. I remember watching her being born and seeing her face for the first time and I was just overwhelmed. When I held her later I told my sister I couldn't even imagine how much she must love her because I was already so madly in love with her, ready to die for her and she wasn't even mine. I couldn't imagine what it must feel like to feel even more love for a child. Until I got pregnant. There are times that I think of my munchkin and my heart could just burst. My arms ache to hold him or her. The smell of babies makes my heart pound.

My world is about to be rocked in ways I can't even fathom and I can't wait. Forever ISN'T enough.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Punk Friend

My friend Michelle is a PUNK. A PUNK I tell you. After reading about my FIRST SIGHTING she sent me this!

JUST TO CLARIFY I am not birthing a woodpecker. Hopefully this explains it better. THANKS A LOT MICHELLE.