Friday, October 9, 2009

Lovebug's Chocolate Factory

Last weekend we celebrated my youngest nieces fourth birthday.  I can't believe how big these girls are getting!  I wish they would just slow down and stay little forever.

Lovebug is our sweet's lover so my sister picked the theme of "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."  Candy and sweets everywhere!  My sister is so good at these parties.  She decorated the backyard oversized candy, set up a candy shop where the kids could go and "shop" for their goodie bag.  There were marshmellows, pretzels, strawberries and vanilla wafers to dip in the two chocolate fountains.  And the cake!  It was so awesome!  The lady that made it did such a good job! 

The kids got to make their own sugar sticks, jump in the jump house, played Pin the Gumball on the Gumball Machine and Musical Candy (like Musical Chairs).  For their goodies they got to choose from rock candy, candy jewelry, cupcake bubbles, brownies, doughnut soap, lollipops and candy bars.  So basically we sent them all home strung out on sugar!

Lovebug had a great time.  My favorite part was watching her open her presents.  This is a kid that tears through them so see what she gets.  Things she really likes get a quick hug and then she is off to the next package. 

Happy birthday my little cuddler.  Tia loves you so much.  Now stop growing.

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