Monday, February 1, 2010

I need a substitute

I realize that it may be a little late in the game for this but it officially hit me yesterday that soon (due date in ONE WEEK) I will be responsible for pushing a watermelon size child out of my body.  Up until this point I haven't really been too nervous about the whole thing but HELLO WATERMELON?!  Also, coupled with the fact that OUCH these contractions that have started (not labor just those random contractions) hurt just smidgen and um, they are supposed to get worse has caused me to rethink this whole thing.  My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me after her and my dad went to their birthing class she told him in the car ride home that she had changed her mind and didn't want to have a baby after all.  He told her it was a little too late for that.  I'm taking a slightly different approach.  I still want the kid, but I'll pay any one of you to birth him.  Who's game?  Come on over and I'll tap you in.


Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Sherrie told me when she was pregnant with Hunter that she wasn't scared because it was just one day out of her life. I have followed that mentality for not just childbirth, but other difficult times in my life.

No matter what happens, it's just one day. You can do it! And the awesome part is that the second he is born, you forget it all. Whether it was a long labor and hours of pushing, or you're still lying cut open in the O.R. The INSTANT he's born, it's just all okay.

I had one kid with no epidural, and a c-section with the other, and I PROMISE you it is not that bad! It's just the fear of the unknown.

bekah said...

Haha at least you came to the realization now...I made it to 10 cms and then had a panic attack! I grabbed onto my older sister and said "Emily! I dont know how to push! What do I do!?" over and over...

not one of my finer moments.