Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Any Minute Now

Well, today's the day. That's what I'm told. Today's the BIG DAY. At least that's what they told me 10 months ago. They wouldn't lie to me about this right?  Ten months ago my midwife pulled out her little wheel-chart thingy and said February 9th was the day we were shooting for.  So I'm ready.  Bags are packed, car seat installed, bassinet cleaned and ready and we've got lots and lots of diapers. 

I'm 40 weeks pregnant and I'm over it.  God is pretty smart.  You are pregnant just long enough to get to the point that you could CARE LESS about how much pain is involved you just want the baby out.  And that's where we are at here in the Wilder household.  I had a rough day yesterday.  It started on Saturday when I had contractions all day 30 to 45 minutes apart.  I started to get excited thinking that was it.  And they promptly stopped at 7:30 p.m.  Saturday night neither Hubby or I got any sleep because I'm sick YET again.  I was coughing so much I kept us both up.  Sunday was worse.  I couldn't breathe, I couldn't blow my nose, and the coughing. Oy vey.  Sunday night was another night of sleeplessness and Monday I hit a wall.  I sat on my couch and sobbed for really no good reason other than I was tired, I was sick, I was frustrated and I am so darn tired of being pregnant.  Luckily I have the greatest Hubby in the world who came home and comforted me and held my hand and generally made me feel like I wasn't crazy.

Today we are heading out into the nasty weather to find a big shopping center to walk around in.  I think we both feel at this point if we aren't going to be sleeping much we might as well have a cute baby to look at.  And the contractions have started being more consistent again (yes I realize I could go on like for a week.  Please lie to me at this point.)  Besides, they did tell me today was the big day.  And they better be right or heads are going to roll.


bekah said...

Come on Jackson! Your Mommy and Daddy cant wait to meet you!!!

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Only an August Virgo would actually go into labor on their due date.

Can't wait to see his cute, smushy face!

Andrea said...

Just came over from Girly Muse!! She shares your wonderful news. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOD BLESS. I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you.
Hugs, prayers, and blessings, andrea