Friday, April 24, 2009

Wise Words from My Little Sister

A few days ago my sister sent members of our family the following email. It was with me all day. She had a lot of good things to say. I hope it touches you the same way.

Good morning all,
Today I had some thoughts that I wanted to share with you. I was watching the news this morning and heard about the executive from Freddie Mac that committed suicide. It caught my attention and my heart sank to my stomach. My eyes filled up with tears as I thought of his wife and daughter left behind to sort this all out. I immediately thought, what kind of pressure was this poor wealthy man under that would make him end his own life. Is he a man like my husband trying to earn a living and care for his family? He was successful, I am sure had no problem paying his bills, making sure his daughter and wife had all they needed. I had always thought how great these execs must have it, all these great bonuses they are getting, while the rest of us pay for their vacations and trying to make ends meet they are living with a golden spoon in their mouth. Well today I changed my mind. Although it would be great to have extra money in the bank, some bills paid off and financial security, I am not willing to have it at just any cost. It would not be worth it to have all the money in world if it meant losing my family, if it meant my husband to be under such an extreme amount of pressure that he is sick, sick enough to take his own life. This is such a rough economic time for all of us, trying to watch where every penny goes and making sure nothing is unaccounted for. As most of you now J and I are struggling and have been struggling for some time now, but we are not drowning, the weight of this up hill climb is not so much that we can't keep moving forward knowing that one day our hearts desire will be a reality. The reason we can keep going, the reason we have faith that God will provide, is not only because the constant reminder of God's faithfulness is transparent to us everyday but it is also because of all of you, our family and friends. More than ever today I am thankful, for life, for our home, my beautiful and healthy little girls, the health and watchful hand of God over my husband and for the strength to keep going. Money is great, financial stability is something we all strive for, but today I would take the instability, the having to eat bean burritos again for dinner and would be happy to do so if it meant that my family would be happy, healthy and spiritually and emotionally thriving. Today I am grateful for all the little things. The simple pleasures of playing outside with my kids and hearing them laugh. I am grateful for my family immediate and extended, you all make life worth living, you all make our world a more bearable. I love you all and appreciate all you do for J and I and our girls. So I guess the thought for the day is....Don't kill yourself, money is great but its just paper and in comparison to all the other wonderful things we are all rich in, money just can't compare. You, to me, are worth more then all the money in the world and I would not trade this life for anything. I am richer then most because I can call you my family. I love you, have a great day, N


Rosie said...

Amen! VERY well said. I took that to heart and will pass that message along.

Andrea said...

wow, that really hits home today bree, thanks for posting this, i needed a reminder of what REALLY IS important