Sunday, September 14, 2008

Using My Rights

I'm not very political. I'm not politically savvy. But this election scares me. Or maybe more accurately I am nervous about the candidates. So I'm gonna open it up here. Thankfully I don't think my two readers will get on me to much for my views. Please understand, you are few to comment as you will. But also remember this is MY blog and therefore MY VIEWS.

Here are two videos that I find very interesting regarding Barack Obama. Look, I'm not saying that McCain is the answer to all the problems. But I'm also not too keen on having a man in office that can't even be bothered to HONOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. I give you he is a dynamic speaker. I give you that he is different from the others. But quite frankly his differences only make me fear him more.

Take a look. Discuss.


Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I have never experienced an election where I thought, "Oooh! That's my guy! He's PERFECT!" Well, maybe Clinton's first term, but I was eighteen, so you'll have to excuse me.

It's always picking the guy who is going to do the least damage. It's made me jaded, which is why I am registered as an independent. I have voted both ways and I'm sure will continue to.

But it looks like I'll be voting Republican this time around. If I said that out loud in my town, I might be dragged out of my house and burned at the stake. Everyone here thinks, as someone once put it, that Obama craps butterflies and rainbows.

Anyone who thinks one man can fix everything is delusional. It's a democracy. The President does need some cooperation from other people. If it was as easy as waving his presidential wand and making everything "all better", wouldn't that be nice?

Doesn't work that way. So you have to vote for the lesser of the two evils, usually. And no matter who it is, you just get SOME changes, not a total overhaul.

That's my two cents that turned into two dollars. I have a hard time being concise.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bree. I found your blog through Jennifer.
Thank you for sharing these videos. I got chills as I watched the first one. I personally don't think God would allow Obama to win. I agree with Michelle, there's no perfect candidate, but McCain must win this one or the USA is in trouble.
Have a great day! :-D