Sunday, September 14, 2008

So I'm a slacker, what are you gonna do about it?

I know! I owe you the big "NEW JOB STORY." But please, internet, be patient with me. I'm transitioning. And we all know how FUN that is!

Here's the short version on the new job that I got mere days after being laid off.

My brother did an internship for a VERY LARGE communication company (which shall from here on be known as The Big 'Ol Company or BOC.) over the summer for his Master's. He and I chit-chatted about his job a bit and he told me to send my resume on over him just to see what would happen. At this time I wasn't planning on leaving my job, wasn't looking for another and I certainly didn't know I was getting laid off! So I sent it over and within a few hours of my brother passing it along I had a phone call from one of the manager's asking me for interview. It just so happened that the day he wanted to interview me I had already requested off from work and was planning on being in good 'ol Cow Town. I go to the interview. It goes really well. Fantastic in fact. The manager wanted to hire me that second and send me off for training the next week. I put him off and told him while I was interested I did have some loyalty to my current job. Two weeks later I was laid off.

I decide to keep this info to myself instead of sharing it with BOC. They are still telling me they want to hire me but they have some administrative changes going on and things keep getting pushed back. So I'm in contact with them through the entire month of me ending things with my job. I finally get to the point where I just don't think it is going to happen. I had one week left with my last job and hadn't heard anything from BOC. So I start to panic. Because I was KINDA looking for another job but not really that hard. What was supposed to be my second to last day of my old job (they ended up letting me go 3 days earlier.) I get a the call I had been waiting for. The official offer. Whew. How's that for perfect timing? I got two weeks off to pack and move and then I started the new JOB.

I've had two weeks at this new adventure so far and all I have to say is "EH." It's tough right now because they really don't know what to do with me. They hired me early because they really wanted to get me on the payroll. So I have FIVE WEEKS of sitting in a cublicle in an office. So not what I'm used to. That's 8 hours a day staring at grey fabric walls. And they have me cold calling. For eight hours a day. Oh yes. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about this. I know this isn't MY JOB, it's just to get me through this time. I have 3 more weeks in the office then they send me to SF for 9 weeks of training. It's going to be like being in school again! So I really won't get out and start doing my job until about the first of the year.

**SIDEBAR: Can someone PLEASE tell me when we got SO FREAKING CLOSE to 2009?!? I mean REALLY. Back to regularly scheduled programming.**

So I'm sucking it up and dealing with it all. Settling in with the Parental Unit is coming along. I think it is harder on the Hubs than it is me. I mean, they are my parents after all. There have been some very bright spots in all this. I'm seeing my sister and nieces on a weekly basis. I'm hanging out with my old Roomie again. So it's nice to have some company. Although I do miss my Fashionista Carol. (Hi Carol!) All in all we are stretching and growing. I'm looking forward to what is a head. It's a whole other chapter. I'm excited to see what comes.

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