Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Geez, lighten up.

Okay, so MAYBE, just MAYBE my last post was just a teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy harsh. I'm having a week people. So let's lighten the mood with pictures of my ever-so-funny and always entertaining nieces.

Last Saturday we celebrated dear little Lovebugs birthday. She will be 3 tomorrow. She's such a snuggly munchkin. My favorite Lovebug in the whole wide world. Being the most awesomest Tia in the world I made 10 art smocks for her and her pals for her Arts and Crafts birthday party (yes, my sister is a genius. I'll tell her you mentioned it.) I am so very dedicated to my dear little LB that I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT FINISHING THE DADGUM THINGS. That's right. Not a wink of sleep for me. And to pay me back for my good effort some stupid bug bit me on my leg and it swelled up to the size of an elephants! Anywho, back to LB's big, fun day. Let's take a look shall we?

The birthday girl. How can you NOT love that face?

This is my oldest niece, Butterbean. And yes, she picked out her own fabric. So she's a bit flashy? Whatev.

I said, "Smile for Nina and show her your birthday smock!" and she said, "Bite the weiner, Rizzo."

I made these smocks people! Some peon's better get in them!

The one and ONLY time little L was STILL. I might rethink my plan on boys.

I leave you with this picture, dear readER ( there MIGHT be two of you but I'm betting on one.). I know you don't want to see 230 pictures of my favorites girls but if you do click on on the above photo and it will take you right to all the pics!

See now that I have purged my soul and filled it with pinkness and cotton candy I feel so much beter.


Anonymous said...

HMMM Art party huh?? Great Idea. My girls' birthday is on June 2 and I bet all of their friends would LOVE an art party. I may need to recrute you Bree to make me some smocks!!! Super fun.

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I love the smock idea. Chloe's not too much into art, but I thought a cupcake decorating party could be fun, too, with aprons to take home.

I have too many party ideas and not enough children to execute them. (Execute the plans, not the children)