Monday, September 22, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Okay, so that is the WORST blog title ever but whatev. Go with it.

I chopped all my hair off. I'm not just talking a couple of inches here people. I'm talking 8+ inches. EIGHT. I've had my hair this long for FIVE YEARS. That's a long time my internet peeps. Before that it was every length under the sun but I really stuck with this last hairstyle. The color changed but I loved having it long. I could do anything with it. But over the last couple of months it has become a dead beast hanging from my head. I wasn't getting it trimmed like I should b/c we were so broke. I was coloring it myself, which is never all that good for your hair. I was going to have to cut off at least 5 inches to get it healthy. But I thought, "Eh, why not go for the gold?" Plus, I was bored. I mean, I'm reinventing myself right? New home, new job, sorta new husband, soon a new car, new-old friends. Why not carry it all the way through? So I did.

Here's what my hair looked like last week. (Excuse my towel-wrap thingy. I'm a sweaty girl and I have to keep cool when getting all dolled up!) (Oh, longness. How I shall miss thy versatility.)

Here's my hair THIS week! (People have told me my WHOLE life that I look just like my mom. This is the first time that I have ever seen myself and thought, "Holy cow it's Debbie."
My mom is in the middle. Do we look alike? (That's my sis on the end, mom in the middle and me on the other side last summer.)

And here's what I did with it today. Because I'm lazy. And I'm bound and determined to find the quickest hairstyle possible. So of course, glasses and a barrette.
What do ya'll think? I'm still cute right?


Sherrie Hiett said...

I'm diggin' the hair!!!!!

How've you been? Any plans on comin' back for Homecoming or anything?

Anonymous said...

LOVE it Bree. I chopped all of mine last year at this time. It was almost to my waist and I went dramatic A-Line!!! It took some getting used to but soon I liked it. Then a few months ago I got another wild hair and chopped it sooooo short and HATED it. So my hair dresser and I agree that the scissors are off limits from my hair for quite some time. But you look FABULUS my dear!!!!!!

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I LOVE IT!! I did the same thing to get me in "new job mode". I think a haircut is the perfect way to make a change.

You look great, Little Debbie.

Lindsey said...

Your Mom looks young! I would have guess the three of you were peers! lol

Cute hair.