Thursday, January 15, 2009

My pal

Sometimes you just need to let a person know you appreciate them. So here it goes.

I've known my pal Michelle since I was about 13. We went to the same church and eventually the same high school. We weren't the best of friends then, but we ran in the same circle. Around 17 we both went our separate ways and lived our separate lives. We contacted each other now and then randomly but mostly lost touch. About a year and a half ago we got back in touch for good. We were different than each other remembered. We were more alike. We were snarky. We were irreverent. We clicked.

We have seen each other exactly 3 times since we got back in touch. My visit to her home town, her attendance to my wedding and her visit to my last apartment. But it hasn't mattered. I can truthfully say that she has become a dear friend and my confidante. She actually introduced me to blogging (You must go check her out. She is freakin' hilarious!) and has shared my obsession with the internet. I can always count on her for a sarcastic comment or a snarky uplifting word.

So thanks Michelle. Here's to the Tiny Uterus and Dirty Squares.

1 comment:

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

D.S.! That was so unexpected and made me get teary. You know as snarky as I am, I also like to cry. A lot.

This is so weird, REALLY weird: just a few minutes ago, probably as you were writing this post, I thought about how we are such good friends even though we hardly ever see eachother.

Everything you said? Ditto for me. (You know, ditto, like Patrick Swayze in "Ghost")