Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Olden Days

My friends and I have been discussing old movies on Facebook in the last few days and its gotten me all nostalgic.  I love old movies.  Old movies were all we watched growing up.  The musicals, the black and whites.  Love, love, love them!

Here's a couple clips from my favorite oldies but goodies.

The Court Jester with Danny Kaye.  I LOVE Danny Kaye.  He was the Jim Carrey of that era. 

Here's Doris Day in Calamity Jane.  Have you seen this movie?  You should!  When I first say this movie all I wanted to be when I grew up was Calamity Jane.

This is "Sisters" from White Christmas.  My sister and I used to sing this to each other all the time.  Here's Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen doing the original.

And finally one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES, Gene Kelly, Singin' in the Rain.  There is NOTHING better than this movie and this particular scene. 

I actually found a clip of Usher doing Gene Kelly's Singin' in the Rain and I thought he did awesome!  He's no Gene but pretty good imitation!

Not bad huh?  These movies just make me so happy.  Even just watching the clips themselves makes me smile.  Do you have a favorite movie like that?  One you can watch again and again and just smile?

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