Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Type A Unemployment

Okay so when I got laid off last week I decided I was going to take a vacation.  I haven't had a vacation since we got married in 2007.  I mean, I have taken a few days off here and there but not multiple days in a row and just vegged.  So I told my hubby I was giving myself a break and was going to take a vacation for the rest of the week.  That lasted exactly a day and half before I was bored out of my mind.  So much for vegging.

So to save my sanity I have put myself on a schedule.  I have a list of things to get done everyday and they include projects that have been left in the dust since I got pregnant and have had no energy to cleaning the house.  It also helps that this week is Thanksgiving week.  Lots of prep to do.  I've scheduled my entire day by hour right down to dinner time.  At least this way I have a goal in mind.

The only problem with this is that it is SO easy to get distracted!  And suddenly I find myself behind.  Which I do realize is no big deal but I'm a goal driven person so when you don't actually accomplish the goal its annoying.  Because seriously?  I have the time to do it all.  Plus in the last few days I'm being rudely awakened at 3 or 4 in the morning by a growling stomach and a kicking son.  It is taking me about an hour or so to get back to sleep and then I want to ignore my alarm when it goes off.  On one hand I think maybe I should just let myself sleep until I wake up, but I don't want to be a sloth.  And I don't want to get too used to all the sleep!  Only 3 more months until I will be getting no sleep!

Today on the agenda is not only some cleaning but also decorating for Christmas!  Everything but the tree of course (because I ONLY use a live tree!).  I can't wait to get all my Christmas stuff out.  Should take me a good few hours to get it all done so I will feel quite accomplished at the end of the day! 

How do you SAHM's handle the scheduling?  Do you make lists or have goals in mind daily?


Nicole Lathrop said...

You definitly have certain things you need to get done during the day, but the minute you think you can schedule everything out and you make a plan, is the very minute your children remind you they don't give a squat about your plan. I try to get as much done in a day I can, still making time for the kids, and playing and spending time with them, but if I don't get it all done, it will be there for me tomorrow. I think you should enjoy these last few months of freedom, sleep and slothiness, cause soon enough you will miss the days of being able to do what ever you want when you want. This is a great time in your life, so don't boggle yourself down with schedules and lists, you will be on a very tight one starting February. What I would give for a day of laziness, sleeping and doing whatever the heck I wanted to. ENJOY!!!

Domestic Chicky said...

A few things:


A Timer

Household Notebook

The biggest help is getting a LOOSE schedule going and being prepared for any eventuality. I always had my diaper bag packed (with backups in the car), a menu plan, and a load of laundry in the wash every day. It sounds like a lot, but I swear I get more done in less time now that it's all (mostly) under control. Then you know things won't all apart if you take a "me" day, or a day off to snuggle with your sweet little boy.

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Okay, first I had to pick myself up off the floor because I was laughing hysterically.

Welcome to my (old) life. Supposedly all the time in the world, but somehow nothing gets done.

I'm the queen of lists. And I like timers, too. I could never quite stick to Fly Lady, but the month I did, my house could have been in a magazine.

Just do your best. You'll have to work out a schedule that feels right to you. And remember that in the beginning, the most important thing is baby bonding. It's okay to have dirty floors and wear the same outfit three days in a row. You will never get that precious time back, but your house will be there forever.

Girly Muse said...

Great comments...

I live in a state of distraction...but still try with the lists, etc.

BUT...the one thing I feel I MUST say is PLEASE...PLEASE sleep all you can. Enjoy every single second of sleep. You're growing a baby, you can afford to be "slothy" for a while. Your sleep might never be the same again. SLEEP.

For all that is good and holy. Sleep. :)