Thursday, November 19, 2009

Team Edward

Tonight's the BIG night! New Moon premieres at 12:01 and I will be there. Yes, I am dragging my 7-month pregnant and swollen body to the movie theater at midnight to watch a teenage movie. WHAT?!

I've read this series two times already and I'm reading Twilight again right now in preparation for the movie. And I fully intend to watch the movie today too. Good thing I'm not working I've got some serious business to attend to.

I actually really hated New Moon the first time I read it because HELLO? NO EDWARD for 70% of the book. Boo. But I think the movie will be a little bit easier to get through since Jacob is magically delicious (and yes I realize that is just a bit creepy since he is 17 but COME ON. He's the one parading around without a shirt on!)

Anyone else being a dedicated "Twihard" and going to the showing tonight? I'll be the one there with the Team Edward shirt on.

You watch this and tell me Jacob isn't MAGICALLY DELICIOUS.

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Girly Muse said...

tosh and i had tickets to go tonight, but ended up switching it for various reasons.

i was there at midnight for twilight though, sat through the long line and all...very fun and interesting experience.

have a blast tonight!