Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conversations with Momma

Momma: I really like that story I read on your blob the other day. It was really funny. I was cracking up.

Me: Um, did you mean my BLOG?

Momma: Oh, yea, whatever. But anyway, it was funny. I told dad he had to read the story on your blob.

Me: Blog, Mom, blog.

Momma: Right, blob. Blog.


Peptogirl said...

LOL! My parents are the same. My mom asked me why I call it a blog with a funny look on her face like she didn't like the name. And she still calls Flickr "Flika." hehe.

Girly Muse said...

so cute. :)

Tarrah Misu said...

LOL. I only laugh because my mother is of this same breed!! I swear if I could get her to say Tommy Hilfiger correctly just once I would dance on a table. Ohh and Bed, Bath and Beyond gets stranger every time I hear it from her!! lol.

sherrie chicken said...

I told you your blobs were funny :-)

The Memory Journalists said...

LOL - This cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh I needed today. jen