Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is is sad that I'm sad?

I am so caught up in American Idol this year. I watch it every year but THIS year I'm REALLY caught up. The top 10 were amazing this year. This has been, by far, the best season. And last night crazy America sent my boy Danny home. Tear.

I LOVE Danny. He was so awesome. That gravelly voice. They way he connected with the audience when he sang. His cool glasses. I voted for him every single week. Yes. I vote. I'm 12.

And not to do a disservice to Kris or Adam. Kris has actually really surprised me. He seems to have come out of no where to really shine. And he is VERY good. His performance of "Heartless" by Kayne West was amazing.

Adam is good. Really. Very good. He can take a song and totally make it different. Which takes some talent. But he reminds me of Mariah Carey. Just because you CAN hit those notes doesn't mean you HAVE to hit them every. Single. Time. And please stick that tongue back in your mouth. Thank you.

I really hope this will be one of those Chris Daughtry situations where even though Danny didn't win he will still be successful. And I think I'll have to switch my allegiance to Kris now.

And next week I'm staying of the computer the whole night so I don't accidentally stumble on who gets voted off!


sherrie chicken said...

I TOTALLY agree Sis... Bradley and I were both so bummed. Like you said, The best Top 3 ever BUT.... Danny was my favorite. His voice gave me goosebumps and his smile was amazing. He seems so modest and he deserved to win. I also agree with you about Adam. Great voice, lots of confidence and very very entertaining. Its apparant than no matter where he places, he will be a star. And Kris... he is a marketing directors dream. And a voice that is so calming. All in all..... It was my favorite AI season. I will stand in line with you to be the 1st to buy Dannys cd when it comes out :-)

Girly Muse said...

i'm laughing at our exact same thoughts!!!

and i'm with you...totally voting for kris next week.

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

The tongue! Ewwwwww! When he is getting ready to hit a high note, I have to close my eyes.

Kris has been my guy since the beginning, so I'm happy. Just hoping all the Danny voters bring their votes over here. We can do it!

Don't you think Danny is the next big Christian singer? I can totally see him doing that.

Bree said...

I could see Danny or Kris as Christian singers. I don't care what type of CD it is, I'm buying it!