Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting my words back

It's building. I can feel. Slowly they are forming and the fog is lifting and I'm starting to see them clearer. Or at least I think that is what is happening. Because I'm coming up with a plan until I have something to say. I've made myself a little schedule for the next two weeks for "themed" posts. I've come up with two ideas to get us through the next two weeks that I hope will be mildly entertaining and will hopefully start the words moving in my mind. So here we go, week one.

For the next week I'm going be posting special things from the past. Sometimes it will be just a picture and sometimes it will be a story. I started cleaning out the junk room AKA the baby's room and started finding stuff that I think it will be interesting to share with you. A little blast from my past so to speak. Here's hoping this jump starts my creativity.