Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Favorite Things: Jack's First Books

Okay because I'm an AWESOME blogger I posted exactly ONE favorite thing last week. So let's pretend that I am starting that this week, mmmkay? K.

These books were sent to me shortly after I got pregnant by my pal Michelle. Being the good pal that she is she knows how much I LOVE books. Obssessed with them really. And I fully intend to pass this love along to Jack. So Michelle sent me Jack's first books. I was so excited when I got them. I've already started reading them to him. Growing up loving books gave me such a great imagination in my opinion. To this day when I read a book I still can become a part of the story. And the books she sent are the GOOD one's! Thanks so much Michelle! These will be treasured!


bekah said...

what a sweet friend! And oh my gosh The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!! Love that one!!

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

You're welcome! Our copies of Good Night Moon and Wild Things are very tattered, after two kids. Actually, it's crazy to think that we've had those copies for fourteen years! I hope Jack loves them as much as Ty and Chloe did.