Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gena's Words

My hubby's mom loved to write. She wrote poems and stories for her friends and family. There are pages and pages of her writing and I've read it all. Over and over in hopes of learning as much as I can about the women I'll never meet. Someone, I'm not sure who, might have been my SIL, put together a collection of her writings and gave a copy to my hubby. I remember when I first found them I cried. I know how much I long to have something that tangible of my own dad. I'm glad my hubby has them. I wanted to share just a few things she has written.

This was written to her husband Max in May 1983 (typed just as she wrote it). I believe she wrote this before they actually got married:

A Southern Springtime Storm
You came into my life as "liken unto a southern springtime
storm." Hard, fast and just as powerful. You made me stop, look and
listen. Like "Thor" you could make my heart beat as wildly as the thunder and lightnings shake the heavens. Just as vehemently as the whirling winds blow to clear the stale and pouluted air from out took the bitterness of past hurts from my heart.
I saw the strength of you in the hail, dangerous to the naked
eye, but melts to the tender respectful touch, as a thirsty land you gave my womanhood a much needed drink, before you came, my heart was dry, cracked and very hard. I was use to showers and like the earth, only the surface was touched.
The seed of love had been planted before, but soon the flower
would die, because it could not break through the soil to give roots. Like the hard and plentiful rain touches the lands, you touches my heart. What was a barren land where nothing could grow, now is fertile soil, planted with seeds of love waiting to grow and be harvested. And as the storm is to nature a are to me. Just the storm, you left as suddenly as you came but not in waste. You left me refreshed and I can love again. I believe one day you will come again to me and not just as a storm, but to share all of natures wonderful treasures. I wait patiently,
after all my darling Thor, I'm Venus your Goddess of Love.
Gena wrote this next one as a tribute to her dad after he passed away in December 1990:
Tribute for Elmer Eulis Thompson..Mineral Springs
Arkansas..Dec. 1990
Tribute to Daddy
What words could we use to describe how we feel? None
would be the same because each of us will have different experiences, different
memories of him, save for one, which is love. Regardless of the sweet, or
the bitter, we loved our father, and we knew without a doubt, that he loved us
as deeply, and that he was proud of his children.
There were some things that he felt very strongly, and they were
passed on to us. Not to lie, not to steal, to work hard and carry your own
weight in life and that you ARE your word, for those things my dear Dad, we
thank you.
Daddy has said he was lucky, he had two good wives and he lived
a long good life, which is true.
Our mom, we loved her so much. She was truly a previous
Our Ruby, we loved her too and how we appreciated her for her
goodness to Daddy, and keeping him a live longer. She was truly a gift to
all of us, and to our children also.
As for our Daddy-how can it be put? I guess just say
"We'll miss our diamond in the rough."
by Youngest Daughter
Gena Bea


Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Those are beautiful. Hubby is so lucky to have them.

(and I spotted my favorite name in there!)

Girly Muse said...

She was quite a writer. I love that you have the things she wrote and that you treasure it as you do.