Monday, September 14, 2009

Pregnancy 101: 19 weeks

Today I'm 19 weeks. Just shy of 5 months pregnant. I can't believe how fast it has gone! I keep waiting for the glorious 2nd Trimester feeling but I have to tell you I have actually felt WORSE in my 2nd Trimester than in my 1st.

Two Thursdays ago I was beat down by the flu. The doctor says maybe the Hog Flu but really who knows. So I had that for 4 days (over Labor Day Weekends which caused me to miss out on my family reunion!), went back to work for a whopping 2 hours when I got the MIGRAINE FROM HELL. And yes it must be capitalized. I have had migraines before. Some pretty bad but never, ever like this. This one made me physically ill, unable to eat and lasted for three days. Yes. Days. So I was out of work for a whole week. Awesomeness. I am, however, feeling much more like my snarky old self now so all is good in the hood.

The big news this week is that in just 4 days we are all taking a little field trip to radiology, they are going to squirt some goo on my ever growing belly and if my child isn't TOO modest we will know whether or not to go out and buy a football or a shotgun. And while it seems like it has taken forever to get to this point, it also seems like its taken just a minute. I'm so excited to know. We have our names picked out and we can finally stop calling him/her "The Baby" and start calling him/her by their rightful name. So look for the big announcement on Saturday!


Girly Muse said...

that's so exciting! can't wait to hear.

Tracey said...

How crazy is this? I was off for 4 days over Labor Day and I was sick too. We were on our way to OK for a reunion with all our camp friends, and we had to turn around. I was so sad and so mad. I totally understand your feelings!!

bekah said...

oooh so fun!! the 20 ultrasound was AWESOME! I cant wait to hear all about it!

Sorry you are still feeling so crappy, I hope you feel better soon!

Christen said...

A football or a shotgun? I take it you want a boy...haha

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I can't wait! Enjoy these next few days...they're the last you'll have with your mystery baby. After that, you will have your son or daughter. I was thinking about it the other day: you know how everything is such a mystery when you're younger? When will you get married? Who will you marry? When will you have your first baby? Will it be a boy or girl?

When you get to a certain point in your life and realize those aren't questions anymore, it's weird. So enjoy this time. I think it's always fun to have that little question there. On Friday you will have a son or daughter!