Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Every year we hold our annual Christmas FFF (Forced Family Fun). Every year we chose names, get together and exchange gifts. 20 people in a house. Scratch that. 20 VERY LOUD people in a house. Scratch that. 20 very LOUD, very OPINIONATED, very STUBBORN people in a house. It's good times people.

This year was no exception. We were missing a few slackers, G-pa was all sick and what not, Uncle T was recovering from back surgery, JC(soon to be JS) was off studying to be a doctor and JL was off getting ready for his graduation. Like those are good excuses. Any who the rest of us made do and had a rip-roaring time as usual.

I'm so lucky I tell you. My family drives me nuts but there is never a more fun crowd to be around. I love those peeps.

Check out the video of our day!


Andrea said...

FFF that is great, family time is my fav. i really liked the pics of butterbean hiding, very cute

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I'm still waiting for the adoption papers...