Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sew happy

I wanted to have a handmade Christmas. I wanted to make each of my loved one's a gift to show how much I care. I'm so funny. That SO did not happen. I did however make one really cool gift.

Chapstick holder.

Handmade by ME!

I picked Aunt C's name for Christmas this year and I knew just what I wanted to make her. I had seen a bag like this in a magazine and had even made one similiar to it for a swap a did a few months ago. However this time it was much more time consuming and for whatever reason just seem to keep stumping me. I did however finally finish it and I am very pleased with the results. So cute I almost kept it for myself!

Took her forever to figure out I made it!


Andrea said...

very cute, i am sure she loved it

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Very nice! I'd never attempt a bag. It would look like a tangled up blanket, I'm sure. You did a great job.

If you ever make me one, instead of the chapstick holder, I want a holder for my PEPPER SPRAY.

I can defend myself in style.