Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Surprise in the Mail

I have great friends. Really great friends. But sometimes they surprise me with their greatness.
I got a surprise package in the mail from my pal Michelle. I had no idea it was coming and she filled it with some cool goodies. This gal knows what I like. Look at what I got!

Cherry shelf liners! My kitchen has cherries all over it and I told Michelle I was looking for something like this and she found it! I seriously can't wait to use this.

And these little lovelies! A pair of vintage measuring cups. I love them because they are really solid and unlike any other I have seen.

Holiday cookie cutters. I'm totally getting into baking and Michelle has often inspired me. So she is feeding my growing addiction.

Seriously?! How cute is this dish towel? This is the 3rd dishtowel she has sent me and she always finds the cutest ones!

And to top it all off these cute cherry note cards!

Look! Even the back is cute!
How sweet is this? Thanks TU. Really. You made my day.


Girly Muse said...

so sweet.
i LOVE those measuring cups!!!

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I didn't even see this last night! I was worried that it was lost in the mail.

I'm glad you like your vintage-y care package. Happy Housewarming! (I'm a little slow getting to the post office)

Bree said...

Thank you Michelle! You totally made my day!

Donna said...

Aw, what a sweet friend!

Junkin Lynz said...

I have that contact paper and ran out of it but forgot where it came from. Any chance Michelle remembers... Thanks