Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cute baby

I went to a baby shower last weekend and I just wanted to share with you the onsies I made. These were SO easy and I thought they turned out cute! I like to take something a little different to showers when I go and this fits the bill. They were fun to make too.

I liked this one because it felt a little rock'n'roll. It was supposed to be this dark purple but the colors didn't translate very well.
This one is my FAVORITE. Peace, love and cupcakes.
I'm new. :-)
Aw, sweet pea.
Of course we were not without our mishaps. And would you believe that this is the LAST one I made? Not the first? It's supposed to say "I'll have a bottle of the house white." Get it? House white? Well, I thought it was funny.

All in all they turned out pretty well. I have a few more friends expecting so I'm going to keep playing and see what I can come up with. What did you think?


Girly Muse said...

bree, they're ADORABLE!!! you could start up an etsy shop TODAY and sell them.

the peace, love & cupcakes is my favorite too...SO cute.

where can i place an order?

Andrea said...

those are so cute, the cupcake one is my favorite too

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

Did you print those yourself onto iron-on transfer paper? They're so cute!

That's funny because I just got some of this stuff to try out, but I haven't done it yet. I wanted to make some shirts for Chloe.

Now you'll be my crafts guru.

You should make some stuff to sell on Etsy!

Bree said...

You can place the order with me! ;-) Let me know how many, boy or girl and what age and we are in business! And if you want specific sayings. Easy breezy!

bekah said...

those are ADORABLE! I like that they are a little sassy, and witty, without being too grown up for a baby to be wearing. Does that make sense? bothers me when I see a 6mos girl with a onesie that says "flirt" or something. I digress...your onesies are adorable!

Babs said...

You could seriously go into business. These are AWESOME!! How did you do it? I want to understand!